Birthday bash game worlds

  • Hello guys :)

    I'm sorry to see that some of you don't like the idea of speed night truce game world. Such server was a long time wish from our community. I'm linking just the most recent thread about it, but we got many requests for night truce speed game worlds via all channels over the past months, that's why we decided to go ahead and make it happen for the Bbash. If you'd prefer another type of game world instead, please voice your opinion and let us know how do you imagine it. I assure you your feedback will then be considered by the game center moving forward.

    As a player myself, I know there are many different play styles out there and different players often have different preferations. Some like speed game worlds, others 1x, some prefer action all the time while others enjoy night truce, which in my opinion is completely fine. Also part of the reason why we are offering a variety of game worlds and this special will be only one of the bunch to choose from. As already mentioned above, if you'd like to see another type of game world just let us know which one. :)

    Душелов  Astartes  ApT  Sca7ha Would you mind sharing why do you think speed night truce game round will be boring? What would you like to see next?

    For the current bbash - starting a game world and even more so a special takes a lot of planning and preparation and I'm afraid it may not be possible to change our speed night truce concept for this year's BBash but your feedback will surely be considered for the future.

    Kind regards

  • eeeem most part of players dont like it hello =/

  • Do you know a lot of active teams that DO NOT plan operations with the arrival of armies of 2-5 am?

    Any attacking player also focuses on night farm

    A night truce occurs at a time when the victory points are being recounted - any treasury can be carried out by horses to the governors during the day and take everything as a tribute back to the points recount

    they simply can’t be taken away or even make the kingdom lose victory points saving treasures with an attack in 1am

    How can I organize a siege over a long distance?

    a night truce kills any attacking game and the defenders will have nothing to do too because no one will come.

    All activity will end the stage 1 week of the farm and then the defense will simply be able to destroy the offer with mass because everything is online in day time

    you just kill the war in this game, and without war, everyone will sit to build houses and be bored because only one and the main entertainment for attack and defense players is the red attack timer which will not happen because it’s pointless to always go into concrete and kiss the walls for no reason the same treasures will be hidden and pulled out after the activation of the truce

    as a result, you will have a farm at the beginning of the server and strikes WW in end - and all that between this is a boring quiet swamp. All active team i knwo wanna try this server BEFORE you say about nigth truce, now its poitless for them come to server you close for them most important element - WAR

    Come one its fcn birthday PARTY after all - we must get some fun with all comunity and you offer us SLEEEP.

    What i wanna see a alredy say admins play as natars and simulate invasion at all world or mabe some thing like x5 or server with test gold rules and team or solo new acievments and tasks

    a holiday is not just a server; it is a way of advertising a game to attract new players and return old veterans - what do you think will attract more people? an active war, which will involve virtually all large teams or a sleepy swamp?

    and im sorry for bad english hope i write it good enough to read

    about operations do you understand that people work in day and they all must be able send armies and this can be hapen AFTER work - 19-23pm and how you can play if nigth truce dont let them do so?

  • Thank you George you and the entire administration for what once again killed the holiday server with their wonderful ideas. I wonder where people wrote to you that they want to see a server with a night truce? Eu community? So create them just separate night servers let them build houses there. The rating of the game is almost zero, only veterans play and you have prepared a great shitty gift for them as always. On the zombie server, the reward for the quest in 10K registrations was 1 experience scroll. The Joker of you Jim Carrey is resting. In fact, all ru community against the night truce and until may still 2 weeks, you can work as an admin on the quarantine and change the game settings or they are not for this money we pay?

    It would be better to encourage teams that win on the server. We came up with a system of bonuses and not just achiement to increase the rating of the account, you can gather a team and come up with a really interesting innovation. Stones are a good example.

    By topic, create a vote in the topic and see the real numbers about your 'good' idea(no) night truce...

  • The problem with majority vote in general is, that you might have three polls, each of which wins 70-30 for one side, but only 34% of all voters are satisfied with the combination. The problem with your vote in particular is, that it's not even representative, because 1) it's in the russian forum, which 99% of the non-russian part of the community doesn't read and 2) as it is with most player polls, I suspect, that you sent that around in your kingdom / discord / friend group and asked to vote for XYZ, to "show that we're the majority". Even if not, the text is written pretty biasedly anyway.

    Point is, it's no point in satisfying you in particular with every server. If there's a speed with night truce now, you might not be interested in playing it. But that's fine. Other people (who might be in the minority) will be interested though. You can play the next speed server without night truce, that will eventually come. Just be patient and pick the servers you like. I won't play speed + night truce aswell (would be special kind of stupid anyway, because I usually go to bed around 7 am ^^), but if I wanted to play speed, I could just wait for the next com1x3/com2x3/com3x3/dex3/... that starts.

    TG will generally satisfy more player wishes by ignoring majority opinion every now and then, to start some nieche servers too. It will require some patient from the majority, but well, minority was being patient since ages for speed night truce, so it's kind of fair. ;)

  • Is there not many American players?
    Could one of the servers "Night Truce" times be during the actual night on America's side of the world?

    For Clarification in regards to my previous comment;

    Could the Night Truce for one of the servers be for 10pm - 6am MST (The middle timezone for all of the Americas)

  • 2 servers so that large teams also go to different servers and are guaranteed not to make a fun game.
    Thank you for the holiday. Apparently it's time to look for a new strategic game. Thank you Travian farms for wargame without war.

  • Great idea! Thank you for introducing two night truce speed servers in these dire times... everybody has to work and all that stuff, people are really busy so they can appreciate having some sleep.

    You guys ever watch the news or nahhh? :D