Bad buggers, bad administrators, bad game environments

  • Hello everyone, recently I played games in com3x3. My allies and I had too many password errors, and our account was locked. It is almost everyone in an alliance who takes turns to appear this situation, and in an attack, our defense actually retreats automatically a few hours before the attack. After being locked, we can't log in to our account. We didn't do anything wrong, but we should bear all the losses.This kind of behavior should be targeted. I can't imagine idiots doing this for the sake of games. And the administrator is really too slow to deal with the problem, and the game environment is very bad.<X

  • If your reinforcements retreat automagically, it sounds like you should consider kicking out some fauly sitters/duals or change your account password. Or do I get you wrong?

  • My problem is that in the same period of time, the allies of the same kingdom all have the problem of wrong password input multiple times, so the account is locked, causing the players to be unable to operate in a day (the administrator is too slow to deal with the problem). The question is, if the player has entered the wrong password, why are the plural people locked at the same time? Do so many people lose their memories at the same time? If the player doesn't input the wrong password, how does anyone else know our email ID?The point is to have multiple people at the same time, multiple people

  • This is very "interesting" security measure from travian.

    If you enter wrong password several times, you get "kind of" banned.

    Be careful who knows your emails.

    This happened to one of my former teammate. Enemies knew his email, so they entered it with wrong password, and bum, he got banned.

    I think changing your email might solve this. Anyway, be careful with whom you share your email.

  • Hi there BIG·ER

    if you enter you password incorrectly mulitple times your account will be indeed temporarily suspended for security reasons and you may need to contact support to get it unlocked again.
    However, troops will never turn back unless they're ordered to, so as others suggested it's worth having a chat with your sitters/duals about that. It is also simply impossible for anybody to get locked out(not to mention the whole kingdom), because of another account's unsuccessful login attempts.

    This is a normal security measure on many(almost all) websites and services that require a registration.

    In order to prevent unpleasant situations you only have to do the following:

    - Make sure you enter your password correctly

    - If it still doesn't work, request a new one via the forgot password button instead of trying again
    - Do not share your login details with anybody so that nobody else can try to log in with your email address

    - If you already did #3 change the email address you're playing with.

    The above listed points should resolve and prevent all and any issues and abuse you may encounter with this system. We're sorry for any inconvenience caused but we take security seriously and are asking you to do the same.

    Best regards

    Community Manager
    Travian Kingdoms International