warehouse and barn

  • They could make the granary and warehouse be 1 building only, since they are 2 buildings for the same thing, increase capacity. Although they keep rocks in a warehouse (no one who keeps rocks in a warehouse) it would be very comfortable, and would give rise to a building more like the hospital in travian, which recovers some lost troops in a stamp.

    replacing the warehouse and the granary with a "warehouse or deposit" where it works for the same, will give more space in the villages and it will be beautiful to stop doing this:

    warehouse and granary,warehouse and granary,warehouse and granary,warehouse and granary,warehouse and granary,warehouse and granary,new village,warehouse and granary,warehouse and granary,warehouse and granary,warehouse and granary.etc.:sleeping:

    it's an idea / suggestion, good morning:thumbsup:

  • It is indeed a very good idea but I don't see this will get implemented anytime soon because,

    1. You need to spend resources for building and upgrading warehouses and granaries. If you combine them you will have plenty of resources to spare and that's not helpful in prolonging the game. Soon everyone will have so many troops and start fighting head on. As you know Travian is a game of math and calculation utilising what you have to reach where you want to be ;)

    2. If both are combined the cost of upgrade will get increased and then there will be wastage of resources used to upgrade the building especially in 15c croppers or capitals where you will be building more granaries than warehouses.

  • they can increase the capacity too, so as not to have the whole village with granaries and warehouses-

    It would not be bad for it to be more expensive (double) but it would seem comfortable, and we would have more space in our village.

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