NEW Huge Game Breaking Bug!

  • Hello,

    I reported this bug to support but they still have not fixed this. So I am going to share this HUGE bug with the community so hopefully this will gain some traction.

    This is only possible (as far as I know) when you Menhir your village.

    It's very easy to duplicate.

    Please don't abuse this bug.



  • Hi there Paul

    this is already a known issue which is on our list. However, as it isn't really game breaking it's priority is not as high as some other topics such as the recent connectivity issues on some game worlds. This doesn't mean that it won't be fixed but unfortuantely we don't have an ETA for you yet.

    Let me remind you that


    §4. Program Errors

    Errors in the game may not be used to an avatar’s benefit or to impair other accounts. Abuse of any error is punishable.

    Best regards