a lot of work for nothing

  • Why do big offensives end up dead? easy, a player with 10 villages, can easily create 10k troops in 1 day and a player to create a 10k offensive has to be at least 8 days.

    here the defense always wins, why? capable the battering rams don't do their job, 10k battering rams die without touching the wall <X

    Everyone knows how difficult it is to take care of the offensive troops, to be active so that they do not catch you, but efforts of days and days, so that 10k of battering rams do not throw a wall and stare at you, the defense will always win, why? it will take you 1 month to gather 30k troops, and a player with only 10 villages will take 3 days to replenish his troops (suppose they died 30k too)

    and obviously, a solo player will never defend :D At least 3 or 4 people around him will defend:/,At least 3 or 4 people around him will defend.

    my suggestion:

    1."the natar horn", too useful 1 day of the game served,Useless the other days of the server, modify it, that this item will give you% attack, 10%, 15%, 20%. would go from being a useless item to a good item.

    improve the battering ram, make it always hit the wall, with conditions such as sending a certain amount, it is impossible to attack a village with 400k troops, your battering rams would never touch (change this). that the wall collapses and that the other atake that are sent peel without the wall, or low lvl wall.

    2.set village limits per player, 1 player can have 5 villages, or 7 villages maximum,In this way, both the attacker who loses and the defender will have almost the same problem, the attacker will give resources to his offensive village, and the defender will remove troops from all the villages but with a limit of villages, the difference in warfare that the players have def will not show as much.

    and if someone were to kill 400k of troops, the offensive will need many days to recover, while the defensive will recover much faster, I don't know if I explain.

    my suggestion is that from X number of rams, always touch the wall, and add or modify items with% attack, because the defense always wins.

    you have a limit of villages will make players choose options such as "only one offensive village, only 1 defensive village, 1 producer, etc." there would be more balance of troops too.

    I'm not saying that it changes, just help the big offs, or that at some point in the game (when the wonder comes out) the troops create themselves faster, for example, to finish the server creating the maximum number of troops, and beyond that troops for wars.

    it's an idea, suggestion. good day:saint:

  • 1. 10k rams will almost always demolish the wall. If they didn't demolish the wall then either:

    a) you sent a raid

    b) you don't have nearly enough of clubs/TKs with rams

    c) wall is already demolished

    2. You can create a lot more def troops, but they have to be divided between multiple targets. Learn to do a proper fakes and which targets enemies need to defend and plan accordingly.

    As off player you get to pick when and where to fight. You should only take fights you think you can win and not run blindly into a wall and expect to win.