Hero Troop Helmets

  • I may be doing something wrong? I've noticed the helmets for reducing training time in barracks/stable only work when they are equipped on the hero, so you must choose which bonus you want. In legends any troops queued whilst the hero helmet is attached retain that bonus time even if the helmets are switched. Could this be the same here?

  • no, that nonsense legend queue doesn't work here.

    helmet bonus only applies when hero is using it.

    not only helmets, if you queue troops in barracks level 1, then you upgrade it to level 20, train speed for queue will change too.

    In TK, troops queue always train with current situations.

  • Hi there Bob#GB
    as lua explained, it is about the nature of the troop training system - in Travian Kingdoms all times are dynamic and constantly adjusted accordingly when something changes, eg. barracks level went up/down or helmet was taken off. I personally think it's more fair this way and it's only logical that the helmet bonus is applied only while you're wearing it and not for merely having this item in your possesion and using it once every day for about 1-2 minutes.

    Best regards