Do units in robber hideouts respawn or do they have any basic deffense besides units?

  • I just wondered as this never happened to me before. I attacked the robber hideout after it spawned by 2 waves.

    First was meant to kill all units:

    -Nothing to be said to this one, all units killed

    The second one was to steal all resources in one go:

    -Although there were meant to be no units, my stuff has been killed, even though it was sent 6 minutes after the robber units have been killed by my first attack.

    So here lies my question. Do enemies in robber hidouts respawn? Do they have any basic deffense (as a wall) ? If they do respawn how come that no enemies were shown on minimap or encountered when I sent third attack in the morning when I was pissed off.

    If you guys have any explenation, I'd very much appreciate it.


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    Do enemies in robber hideouts respawn?


    Do they have any basic deffense (as a wall) ?

    Yes. They have 10 defense points. It's very low. 1 club can attack and survive. but it can kill 1 spearfighter or 1 phalanx.

  • It"s strange as I was doing it on the other server and this never happened to me with same exact scenarion. Thank you for the info.

    Remember that this is not affected by bonuses, so a legionnaire or a club or a praet will ALWAYS survive, settlers have no attack power, so them+phalanx or them + spearfighter are supposed to die. Remember it so you don't do it again, as it kind of hurts your growth to be honest.

  • Just to clarify as there seems to be some confusion about this. Very common misconception.

    You CAN raid a robber hideout with 1 phalanx ( and with 1 settler if phalanx is present)

    The mistake you made was sending an "Attack" and not a "raid"

    Here is some screenshots examples