Cranny upgrade wanted!

  • I think that the cranny is a bit underpowered right now, so I think that you should add a feature where after a 48 hour activation time (24 hours on speed) you can not just hide your resources but ALL your villages from ANY attacks for up to 2 weeks (7 days on speed) total per server, so even if they try and they want to, they can't attack them.

    This obviously sounds a bit too powerful, so you should make it so that you cannot attack other players yourself while it is active, nor will you be able to train any troops or produce any resources. Worry not though, once you deactivate the cranny you will get 2x the resource production and it will only take half the time to train all troops. We wouldn't want you to fall too far behind from hiding from the game for 2 weeks.

    This should obviously be possible to do with WW villages as well, since why would you ever want to let an enemy attack them? They could destroy stuff and make it possible to have an exciting and fun ending to a server! You wouldn't want that now, would you? :huh:

    Anyways, let me know what you think! I think this is a perfectly balanced idea, and I'm surprised this isn't in the game already ?(

    - Hæim

  • I agree with the above.......crannies are fine!

    What does need an upgrade is the Gaul Trapper....that poor thing only has usefulness for the first few weeks of the server....than most players especially teutons have enough troops to overcome the traps issue.

    I think Trappers at level 20 should be 1000...and the resources required to get to 20 should ramp up significantly the last few levels...sort of like the treasury.

    Just my input