COM1x3 gossip thread

  • Hey guys :)
    we are monitoring the situation as usual but let me remind you that no cheating accusations should be thrown around on the forums.
    If you suspect anybody of cheating, please send us a ticket via the Help Center.

    Kind regards

    Community Manager
    Travian Kingdoms International

  • better throw off the kill reports on my wall)

    or cowardice does not allow?

    I didn't put them in for a simple reason - I don't have those. I don't play on neither of these teams. So I just throwing in reports that are avaible for me. If you want to add some reports, feel free to!

    Another than that, I can see why people are not too happy when from middle of nowhere they see bunch of russians relocating next to them who has been farming their kingdom members first 10 days do develope their armies.

  • How other than with cheating you can have 8,5k EI after 8 days?? Stable and great Stable lvl20 from day 1. How can you have soo many ress? Only with farming "friends". It is so obvious, please Travian don't look away, they are messing up the game tremendously.

  • If there will be no action against the images the post owner showed. It will literally mean "everyone should just do it without any consequences". Is this the game you want? Everyone farming own kingdom members first 10 days and then relocating across the map.

    Perhaps it's really time to remove menhir and vac mode. I suggest removing all troops when you menhir ( no exceptions ), or limit the possibility to menhir to a certain server day. I know it's said travian wanted it to be available all the time for casual players, but at this point it's getting more abused then that it is used for it's purpose. Georgi

    Edit: All i see are non/low prestige players relocated.

    I'm sure these are all new players who accidentily happen to play with the russian kingdoms around us ;)