Noob oases reinforcement troops.

  • Where did my troops go? I sent 20 phalanx to an oases that I own thinking to station them. It says they arrived but the page doesn't say they're there and I can't find a way to send them back home.

  • I had this exactly same issue when I was beginner. I was so scared of how all my troops dissapeared :p It turned out that oasis didn't belong to my kingdom (which I didn't had)

    and got a while for me to figure out where my rally point was :D

    I'm not saying you that is case for sure, but 1st check your rally point stationed troops and withdraw them. Then find out if that oasis is inside of kingdom borders or not. Having it signed for you isn't enough, it must belong your kingdom as well.

    Thanks for this reminder what it was to play as beginner, I wish you will enjoy your first round as much as I did! :)