• Hello people,

    I recently had a discussion about the best way to build an off crew for a kingdom and we couldn't find common ground here. So I hope someone can explain some things to me:

    1. Is it more efficient for off players to build rams & catas or to focus on one of them and only build few of the other type? (Maybe even depending on tribe?)

    2. What's the best way to attack e.g. a treasury village (So only 1 wave)? All attacks within the same second or Ram-Offs in the first second and Cata-Offs after? What would be the perks/odds of each method?

    I didn't find a thread about this, please link if this question was already answered somewhere else :)

    Thanks in advance!


  • 1.
    Teutons have the strongest rams and gain bonus damage with their brewery. But the brewery makes catapults target randomly. For this reason Teutons are generally the ideal tribe to build rams.
    Any tribe can do anything. In a team setting it is best if each player picks either catapults or rams and build LOTS of those. It is still good for everyone to have a few of the other for fakes. There are a LOT of tactics revolving around fakes and coordinated attacks. It is best you learn that with a more experienced team so you can try it out :)


    When you pick a target ideally the rams go first. They knock down the wall. It is expected this hammer will die. Another reason Teutons do it so well, their troops are cheap and build fast!

    Then catas land after. You might have a few people with their rams going first to make sure the wall is down. It depends how heavily the village is defended (or how heavily you think it is defended).

    Problem with have a gap is your opponent might slide some troops in between waves and kill your catas. So it is good if you will have delays to even break up your main attack waves to make sure that if any troops land between waves they don't kill everyone's catapults.

    It is always best to have everything land same second. But that can be hard if you need rams to land first. I believe there is a rule that the first army to be sent is the first army to arrive. So you can definitely do it all In one second, but make sure rams are sent first (siege if you have to, but this can make it VERY obvious which target is real). A tactic sometimes used is to send a siege on a fake target. It is an expensive fake. but if it works you definitely save troops. :)

  • Thank you for the answers :)

    I also thought about the defense sliding in between the two waves, but let's say you got some teutons with beer + rams that clear the wall and the cata waves hit in the next second. In those cata waves there would still be the offs of those players, so if the defender gets reinforcement between the last attack in :00 and the first attack in :01 it would still be hard to defend, as there is no wall anymore.

    Wouldn't it be the better choice for the defender to try to defend all waves with the wall still up instead of defending the cata waves without a wall?

    The only way it would make sense to me would be if multiple waves hit in the same second, so you would try to defend the "main attack" + 2 cata waves of the same player. But with multiple players hitting in the same second (:01) I think this would still be more inefficient.

    I think the tactical issue about fakes would be too big for this thread, but fortunately we have experienced players for OPs in the kingdom. I was just wondering about those two questions in particular.

  • That is part of that problem. Often it is best to try to take all the waves head on and save as much as possible.
    BUT! If you know the enemy is coming in to delete the village with catas then there will be many waves over many seconds. It is very hard to get everyone to land in the same second because of browser lag, ping spikes, etc.

    Here inserting some defence between waves can save the village. I have done it before. ;)
    But rarely is this strategy used as most often you are trying to protect treasures or prevent chiefing. But something to keep in mind.

    I am not an offensive expert. I am a defensive player. So I hope someone with more experience can join in lol