Comic strip contest #1.1 - Find your own words

  • Dear players,

    thank you for your participation in the first comic strip contest! After a lengthy debate the jury has finally reached an agreement and chose the following winners:

    Noobsaibot10#EN - You were actually the first one to recognize that the character in the second scene is a girl! And it was definitely fun!
    OLPRAN - Even if it's just a text it made us smile as many of us have went trough the same/similar situation at one point :D
    gergopool - We think this comic represents quite accurately the feelings of off players that are actively participating in operations throughout the whole round towards hammer builders, especially if said players get something wrong at the end. A nice 'You had one job' reference :)
    Nikov#ES - This entry represents a common confusion affecting not only, but mostly beginner players when dealing with coordination and kingdom operations. It made us remember where we started from and smile at the newbish mistakes we all made once upon a time.
    yohri#EN - We loved the pun, well done! :)
    lua - We've chosen this one for many reasons. It points out to an actual issue and also accurately represents how players feel about cheating in a bittersweet way. The king saying this is a valid strategy has also proven to be accurate in certain situations where some feature designs needed to catch up with the player masterminds and be altered so that the door is not that open to abuse anymore(vacation mode, I'm looking at you).
    Choosing this entry as a winner we're also acknowledging this is an important topic for you as a community, as it is for us, and we'll continue working on it. Even though this one is on us and you didn't pull back any punches, we appreciated it! Also, understandably, a player favorite :)

    Congratulations to all winners! If you're not among them, worry not as the next contest is around the corner!
    Kind regards