• Dear players,

    we all know it's sometimes hard without a good sitter or dual. Therefore we have this section dedicated to find a good team to play with.

    Sitters can play on the same game round, Duals cannot have an own avatar on the same round. You can enable and restrict Gold usage for both. One avatar can have 2 Sitters and 2 Duals in total.

    Write a comment here, if you:

    • Search for a Sitter or Dual
    • Offer to be a Sitter or Dual for someone else
    • Search for a whole team
    • Already have a team and you still have some vacancies open
    • Offer to be a mentor and teach some interested new players how to play

    or any combination of the listed points.

    Sharpen your swords and let the hunting begin,

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

    Community Manager
    Travian Kingdoms International

  • Hi!

    I have been off travian kingdoms since last year and I would like to join a good kingdom to play this COM4.

    I'm an experienced player and have been playing travian since the classic times, those good old times!!!

    But now I enjoy kingdoms as well.

    So if anyone is interested in recruiting me for this new world shout out.

  • Heya, experienced Travian classic and kingdoms veteran here. Haven't played in a year or two, but decided to go again now that i have some more free time, so I'll be starting on COM4 on tuesday. Will be playing Gauls with defense and the best of the Kingdom in mind. If you have an end-game focused team, shoot me a message on discord: Lunitar#6138

  • Was some time ago i played this beast but i had a sudden urge to get back. I remember being king and collecting all those tributes with my mighty alliance(shady memories), This time i start at the side. Message me if you want a recruit! Discord: Znoike#6153