Why do servers never start on weekends?

  • Hi Coldplay,

    it's true that over the past months there were some issues with newly starting game worlds but after the mentioned optimizations things have indeed improved.
    The last speed game world with issues was the COM1x3 round which started on 16.06. Since then all game worlds had a smooth start and our team is monitoring them very closely so that we can react quickly if needed. Please do let us know should you experience any issues again on the next game round :)

    Kind regards

  • I think it would be greatly beneficial to the playerbase if you could trial a weekend server start.
    Planning would need to be made with employees for who is up for some weekend work, who can be on call, etc.

    But if people are on a salary rather than an hourly rate they are probably not interested in working weekends though because there's not much to be gained lol

    Overtime pay gets everyone fighting over weekends ;)