Vacation mode changes

  • Will the game data delete ?

  • Hey guys,

    I moved your posts regarding the vacation mode in this thread in order to keep the discussion and feedback in once place :)

    Feel free to discuss the current update 0.97 and the vacation mode in this thread and let us know what you think!
    Your feedback is highly appreciated!

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  • Oh btw, using vacation mode is too rewarding. Everyone who plans to build a big army is using vac mode nowadays.

    There is literally no punishment for using vac mode days while it should give the player a penalty for just 'leaving' a server.

    Using vacation mode allows people to build even more troops then without vacation mode.

    Edit: Why reward people with 50% more production and 50% off troop train time who aren't around....?

  • Hi th0mm#NL,

    With the vacation mode it should be possible to be offline for a few days, without running the risk that the account is completely destroyed or has become a popular attack target, when you come back.

    There is no reward of resources or troops if you use the vacation mode. Wood, Clay and Iron production is paused during the vacation mode and this is the reason why you get the boost after you are back. The same with the troop production, it's paused as well.

    The biggest advantage of the vacation mode is, that you can't be attacked. It's possible that some players only need a break from being attacked if they are using the vacation mode. But it's better to have such a break than to delete.

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  • Hey,

    I appreciate you answering me, however i know how vacation mode works. I'm just concerned about the usage of vacation mode, which isnt as you said "for being away a few days".

    If you go on vac mode from day 1-7, you get a res + troop boost till day 14. That means in these 7 days of bonus you could make up the no production for day 1-7. It will mean you have 7 days of extra troop building.

    People with 15 croppers are all going into vacation mode and will use these days to upgrade only cropfields + storage, so when they come out they will spam 4/5 new villages and gold them up. The res boost will mean they have 4/5 new villages with 100% res boost.

    In all cases it will lead to people running all militairy buildings from day 10/11.

    When people use vac mode, the acc should be frozen. Simple as that, no prod, no crop prod,not being able to recieve merchants. Basically nothing is possible.

    If you really think people use vac mode when they go away for 'real' , then alot of people have a lot of vacations in 3 months ;):)

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  • Skadi

    Hello there! I would like to refute your claim of there being no rewards for using vacation mode. You said that wood, clay and iron are paused during vacation time, but crop is not. You can start activating vacation as soon as the server starts and then rush to settle your second village. If you settle your second village is a 15c village, then when vacation starts you will still get the full crop production of the cropper. this means that you can build up the village without getting any attacks with next to no drawbacks until your vacation runs out.

    If this was all there was to vacation mode, then I wouldn't have minded that it exists, but because you get double resource production and half the time to train troops, the whole thing goes haywire. You might be thinking that since you have a 15c village you won't be getting any bonuses from the vacation boost, but that's not true at all. in the 7 days that you were on vacation, you will have been upgrading buildings and resources and passively accumulated culture points to the point that when you get out of vacation you can settle up to 4 villages in the same day, and given that you might have over 100k crop production in your cropper already by this point, you can upgrade all these villages to level 10 all resources in a matter of a couple, if not a single day. So, what does that make your production for the next 6 days look like? You now have 4 villages with 6 croplands producing normal amounts of crop, but double of every other resource, so it's as if every 6c village you have has 30 tiles instead of the regular 18, and they are half the effective cost of what they normally would be. So you are now sitting with what is equivalent to 8 villages worth of resource production, and 4 villages worth of crop production as well as a very highly upgraded 15 cropper. Now, what do you do with these resources?

    What if you let's say decided that you wanted to build some troops, how much could you build? You have already spent 1 day after vacation mode ended on doing resource and infrastructure upgrades in your support villages, so you have 6 days left. But this is not 6 regular days, this is 6 days where you build troops in half the time. what does this mean? first and foremost, if you just want to build troops efficiently, you could just queue in level 20 barracks, stable and workshop and ignore the greats, and you would still be keeping the same pace as someone who is building in both great barracks and great stable, but you will also build siege in half the time that they do, so it's as if you get a free built in great barracks, great stable and great workshop until vacation ends. The sillyness starts when you start building troops in great barracks and stable as well, because all of a sudden you can get 12 days of troops built out of level 20 barracks, level 20 stable, level 20 workshop, level 20 great barracks, level 20 great stable and ready to use on day 15 of the server, and because you have the production equivalent to 7 villages and a high cropper, you can actually afford to do this to some extent as just a governer.

    So, how does the math work here exactly? When you activate vacation mode, you kinda save up resource production to claim it later. Imagine that from the second before vacation mode starts and the second it ends, there is just 1 second between them. Now, what would happen if all of a sudden in that 1 second your total production went from 1000 to 100 000, and you gained enough culture points for 4 new villages. That is the true strength of the current vacation mode.

    So, how would I go about fixing this? Simple. Make it so that you can't upgrade buildings in vacation mode. This whole strategy relies on that to be able to function, and it's not really something that should hinder someone who is actually going on vacation. There is still a way to use it by going in vacation mode the second you start building an endgame hammer, and just spend all the crop you have extra on building up queue until you exit and then spend all resources on keeping queues going. this would make it so that you only have to pay 1/4 of the resources in maintenance if you are planning on building the hammer for just 2 weeks, but if it's longer then it will accumulate back up quickly.

    But still, why do I love using vacation mode so much? I have only used it on 2 servers so far, and it has been a very enjoyable experience. Why is that? It's not because I'm not getting attacked. I honestly wouldn't care if I did because that's just how things are normally. What I love about vacation mode is that you can customize your playstyle to a whole new level that you have never been able to do before. It adds a new way to play the game through sacrificing your early game for a stronger mid game, and I think that this is something that should be encouraged as most people don't really understand the strength of timing pushes and power spikes. If there was a way to make it more obvious that you should be building troops right now, or you should be building villages right now, then that would help a lot for a lot of inexperienced players when it comes to teaching them how to play the game better.

    So in a weird way, this oversight of yours added new levels of depth to the game to explore by the ones that found it, and gave us a new fun experience compared to the way travian kingdoms has been for the past years.

  • Every player is able to use the vacation mode. Of course, experienced players know better how to take advantage of all the opportunities that are available to them.

    The vacation mode can be used if you are offline for a few day or if you need a rest, for example after you was under heavy attack. And if there should be changes, they should not only block advantages for experienced players, it should as well be helpful for every player. And this it the biggest challenge: to make it fair for everyone.

    Thank you very much for your feedback. We will discuss it with the team. If you have further feedback or ideas, I would be happy about it.



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  • First I want to say that I don't think I've ever seen someone who was already under constant attacks when they went into vacation mode not be bombarded again once they leave unless they relocated to somewhere else in the meantime, which they could do without having to wait 24 hours for it to activate. Vacation mode is only really helpful if you are able to stay out of harms way for the duration of the boost to allow you catch up (or in some cases surpass) your peers. Until you do, you will be weaker than them in fighting strength, and be a prime target for attacks because you are also twice as good of a farm now.

    The main thing that is being taken advantage of right now is the bonus production you get after the vacation ends. For there to be a reduced advantage for experienced players, and for there to not be any downsides for normal players, I would suggest that you give resource crates instead equal to the amount of production they should have produced if they weren't on vacation based on their villages production as they entered vacation mode. Not at the end of it. This should also scale based on when in the server the vacation is used. A week 1 vacation would set you back much further than a week 10 vacation would since you are already starting to flatten the growth curve. There are other catchup mechanics like adventures giving resources based on time since you registered on the server, but I still think that it should have a bit of extra scaling for the first week or so of the server. Ofcourse, this will not solve the issue with someone being able to build up their cropper, but at the very least it makes it so that people can't just build up 3 villages in a single day to then get almost a weeks extra production that they should not have had.

    The second way vacation is used is to be able to sim up before building a large army at thalf the cost, or at twice the normal speed. A fix to this one that both stops veteran players from being able to take advantage of it, and helping newer players would be that you converted a certain % of the resources you should have produced during vacation straight into either def troops, or the base troop of that tribe (clubs, legos or phalanxes) as soon as the vacation ends. If they are def troops then they will also be a little bit more safe from attackers as they leave vacation mode, since they otherwise would have next to no def troops for the first day after leaving vacation mode.

    That's what I got for now.