October worlds

  • Not really 5 premade teams with 80+ players in each starting a server, most are likely to buy the big gold package to activate all bonuses right from the start.

    It is more likely to make more money from that rather than overlapping more speed servers one on top of the other considering that most of the playerbase of normal server will NOT play speed servers because its completely different.

    And I don't think people are bashing on Georgi, just on Travian Kingdom management in general for a shitty schedule that completely ignores the wishes of their longest customers. Georgi has the unfortunate job of communicating these decisions and therefore is the one facing the uproar of them.

  • These GMs are made for trolling, and that's just what they'll do
    One of these days these GMs are gonna troll all over you.

    Anyone know the song?

    Worst management i have ever seen in a game. You cant start a server in 2-3 weeks? Would be the same if my boss would tell me today he needs a 5 course menu for tomorrow and i would tell him thats not possible KEKW

    PS: How many changes suggested from BM on the gossip forum from com3 page 46 will you do? Or is that too much work for you? Or do you rather implement senseless stuff that nobody wants? I mean if you want the game to die you can just shut down the servers. Or is that too much work too? :D :D :D :D :D :D :D