Wonders nowadays

  • Hello guys,

    I would love to start new discousion about building wonders most efficiently.
    I recently get hands on one and started thinking... Do I really need water ditch to lvl 20? Or is it more time efficient, raise water to just 16?
    And what about storages? I assume, there is much efficient way to reach 1M storage other than 3xGW 20 right?

    My ali members said, that victorious wonder can be finished in 4-5 weeks if everything goes well, and any complications occur.

    But with my calculations, I got something over 38 days without water ditch... Do I miss counted? Or is it real time these days? I dont know...

    So I begging you guys, can be someone so kind, and share his tips and experience with us?

    I already saw some old threads, but game maybe got updated and these numbers, as someone shows, does not work anymore.

    Thx a lot :)

    PS: I'm excited to discover everything in travian, what is math related, or calculable :D

  • Quote

    Do I really need water ditch to lvl 20?

    Yes, you want that ASAP, b/c most german WW hammers simply destroy lvl 20 wall regardless of defending forces.

    General setup for WW:
    1. free space for new Main Building in case older one will be destroyed (and it will be destroyed)

    2. Main Building lvl 20 (always repaired/rebuilt first no matter what)

    3. 2 Granaries (1 normal + 1 big or 2 big), ask your players to buy Travian+ for the rest of server and set up trading routes to supply WW with crop every hour

    4. remaining free spaces filled with Large Warehouses: 2 of them lvl 20, rest of same level (~10-12)

    General building order for WW:
    1. keep Main Building lvl 20
    2. keep Wall lvl 20

    3. build Water Ditch lvl 20

    4. build a Big Granary for easier feeding of allied troops

    5. build many Warehouses until 1kk storage

    6. build WW lvl 100 non-stop unless something gets destroyed

  • Water ditch level 20 is a must because of the defensive bonus. Wall are gonna be rammed down, but water ditch would remain and offer it's def. bonus no matter wat, so it's really important to finish it before hammers starts pouring in... also with natar attacks it will be important as it can reduce your kingdom losses.

    Obviously there may be quicker ways to complete the WW, if none attacks you, but that would be a really boring server! :D