v0.97 – Vacation mode improvements

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    • Game help: You can find even more information now in the game help > account system > vacation mode.
    • Leaders: Leaders such as kings, vice kings and dukes can't enable vacation mode.

    • When a governor becomes a leader, any current vacation will be canceled upon accepting the role change or at the end of the coronation ceremony.
    • Tutorial: The comparison table when choosing between becoming a king or a governor now includes the fact that only governors can take vacation days.

    • Activation phase:
      • Players in the announcement phase (the time before vacation mode activates) can't send any attacks or sieges to Wonders of the World, Natar villages, oases or other players villages, although they can to robbers.

      • Other players receive a warning if their attack would arrive during a scheduled vacation. They can still send their troops and if the player on vacation cancels their vacation, the attack will hit. If the vacation mode remains active, they will return on arrival empty-handed.
      • The vacation mode can be canceled at any time during the activation phase.
    • Vacation mode phase:
      • All reinforcing troops from other players in your villages will be sent back.
      • Players on vacation can't send any troop movements to other players, oases and Natar villages, including Wonders of the World.
      • Your own reinforcing troops in other players villages stay where they are stationed and therefore can be attacked.


    • Robber hideouts: When a robber hideout already existed before a vacation mode started, they wouldn't attack after the vacation ended. This has now been fixed.
    • Inactive accounts: We've fixed a recurring bug that didn't delete sitters and duals from inactive accounts. Now, they will be removed automatically again as soon as the account owner becomes inactive.


    The following points remain the same:

    • Boost phase: Wood, clay and iron production as well as the troop training speed are doubled.
    • Wonder of the World holders can't use the vacation mode.
    • Your troops can still starve. The crop production stays the same during all phases.

    For a detailed overview of the vacation mode mechanics, check out the latest knowledge base article: Vacation Mode

    Enjoy the summer,

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team