Early October Game World

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    • Masinissa was Prince of the Massylians, who consolidated the fragmented Numidian tribes, creating a kingdom in North Africa which expanded and thrived in the context of the Punic Wars (240 BC.-148 BC.).
    • Jugurtha he famously described Rome as "urbem venalem et mature perituram, si emptorem invenerit" (Sallust, Jug. 35.10).
    • Julius Caesar say "Veni, vidi, vici" (around 47 BC).


    - As king ( Numidia )

    - As Gov ( RfR )

    - As Gov ( AK )

  • Hi you,

    I understand your wish for an earlier regular speed world. But I would remind you, that you can play on all gameworlds, because you have on every world the opportunity to choose English as language. Today the world FR2 has started and last week ES1. If you don't want to wait until 27th of October, try one of these worlds. Coordinate among yourselves and it could be an interesting world :).

    Best regards,


  • funfact: In 2015 you closed some domains for local servers & forced those on them into playing on .com servers instead, your reasons because they weren't populated enough and it was a waste of money and now you are asking us to play on local servers because you won't start a new COM server??

    I'm not sure how you think this is a valid solution tbh?

    We are being asked to respect your reasons for not being able to start a normal COM server before the end of October & yet you show us none in return with such a blaise response.

    But whilst we're here we would actually love to hear your reasoning behind why you decided to stall the COM server which would normally be happening in the next couple of weeks (when you have 4 dormant ones at the moment) we are grown-up's and the transparency might help improve this situation with being able to understand your problems around it happening.

    GGG, GBB, Water, Trinity, Osef, BM & maybe even Shrug & then throw in some Russian teams & some Turkish teams too (& on top this of all the ones not yet announced their interest)

    These teams are waiting to join a normal .com server & are amongst some of your most loyal customers, they deserve better than being offered "local servers" and already running ones at that.

    I'm not sure whether to take it as an insult or a compliment that you think we can all just arrive on any active server without the need to plan for it at all & also how do you think that would be for those already playing on them?

    I mean it's a known fact that .com servers are far more competive than even 2 or 3 local servers combined, it would be a bloodbath for those players used to playing there. people usually evolve from local domains into .com (not the reverse)

    Besides this though, you can happily throw out servers that have less than 1k players signup in the first week, but you wont provide us with one that will have 3x that amount of players (if not more) & serious gold players too (the auctions prices on the last COM servers of this calibre have more than proved this)

    Thanks in advance for your reply


  • Oooh 139 players registered on the new FR2 server looks like lots of fun yes

    Have you tried it? :) Start a server with completely different conditions could be fun. And if not, you won't loose anything, you will get only new experiences.

    We announce the gameworld starts only when they are fixed so that you have the possibility to plan and search for teammates in advance, also if you want to play on other domains. And yes, we're testing new rhythms right now.

    We have heard your feedback, nevertheless, there will "only" be the Halloween worlds at the beginning of October.

    Have you ever tried to play on other domains? I've seen very often English speaking player on DE and it seems the have fun. :)

  • Have you tried it? :) Start a server with completely different conditions could be fun. And if not, you won't loose anything, you will get only new experiences.

    losing nothing except money? everyone knows that this game without gold is so less competitive and you will have more limitations.

    ok maybe not on speedsettling because there are many crops and not too many players, but for the rest....

    kings account just can't play without golds, you will not be able to feed any decent army.
    And is not just a try, travian normal servers last for 6 months, it's an effort that will drain a lot of time, you can't just try a server for all this time

  • The thing is, we are a team of about 80 well experienced players. Even if all other players of that server unite against us, they still won't stand a chance. We want to have good fights and decent opponents. Yes, winning and breaking some troop records could be fun, but that is absolutely not what we are looking for. Also, a likely outcome would be that most of the other players just get inactive after being farmed for 3-4 weeks.

    This looks to me like a strategy that demotivates new players and thus kills off the normal speed community.

    If we knew about that huge gap a few weeks before COM3 ended, we could have planned to start on COM5 - but we didnt.

    I do have experience in project management and i have a lot of experience with numbers (german engineer). Your strategy of forcing many of your core customers into speed worlds is risky and has led to a rather big backlash in the forums. Even in posts that are supposed to be positive (giving gold to the community for creating a fun story) is overwhelmed by negativity.

    A good response would be to change the time schedule like it was suggested multiple times (replacing 1 speed server in early october with a normal COM-World or switching the late october world with an early speed world). And i think it is still not too late for that.

    I got more active in the forums recently and i only see negativity towards the travian staff. It makes even me unhappy to see the tone of voice directed to you guys, but slowly, that frustration that i often see in posts directed at i.e. Georgi is getting to me aswell.

    I think, that this is a great chance for you to listen to the people and make them happy. Imagine having an optimistic community. I want things to be nice, all of us do, and you can do it.

    Thanks in advance,

    Lord Thunder

  • Have you tried it? Start a server with completely different conditions could be fun. And if not, you won't loose anything, you will get only new experiences.

    Seriously you want us to suggest to our teams that we should start a server that has around double the amount of players in total as our team on it's own?

    We have never, nor will ever find joy in playing with such a heavily weighted advantage, you know very little of us if you think we will. We have always been anti-meta since we all found each other & starting on such an unpopulated server would further kill our gaming experience (in effect you would make us become one of the things we most hate about the game)

    Had you offered us this as an alternative before the servers had started, then maybe a few teams could've communicated some solutions to fill up your already empty local domains for you, but not once they are already active.

    I have no desire now to try & do your job for you in this regard.....

    Your role here is to provide us with servers to play on.

    Ours is to manage our teams, excite them, motivate them & gather them in plenty of time to all be prepared for the start that we would know in advance.

    imagine planning a start for 50-100 players x multiple teams, with no start date, on a server where some locals already cherry picked all the best croppers/locations & are happily simming away & forming their kingdoms, only to be invaded by a outbreak of late & angry com players stampeding their lands, to then further risk being disappointed after a month because some of the other com teams decided not to bother joining !

    And yes, we're testing new rhythms right now.

    I read this as .... yes we want to try and drive you all on to speed options instead

    as a business Your Customers are key & you should treat them like Gold & not be testing things whilst penalizing them in the process

  • I'm doing some analysis from 2016 to today on servers, population/server and many more metrics

    I'll share what the results when it's ready.

    And I'm sorry, but I won't take "We are trying new things" as a valid explanation while we are trying to have an open discussion with several arguments and examples.

    If you care about your players (or clients) at least have the decency of being transparent with them, especially the ones who are staying since the beginning of TK.

  • Skadi

    Personally, I m playing more and more to others games day after day whereas I played travian most of My time Before.

    You took the risk that players leave your game.
    we are addicted to your game but if you want break that...

  • I know, starting on the FR Server is not what you want. And I really like it that you are thinking about the consequences for the other players!

    Thank you very much for your feedback. Even if the October gameworld starts are fix and it is not likely that there will be changes, your feedback help us for the future. :thumbup:We are happy about every feedback, whether positive or negative, because it helps us to improve the game and respond to your wishes. Like we did for example with the vacation mode.

    We can't fulfill all wishes, but try to do so if possible and feasible. I can assure you, we read and check every feedback!

    In addition we will announce the new game world starts a little bit earlier so that you have more time for planning.

  • Skadi In case you were wondering why we don't play speed servers, the new speed (COM1x3) started less than 1 week ago and its already full of cheating, abuses, MAs, and much more stuff.

    I don't know how earlier you can announce servers too, you announced this one 1.5 months earlier, you just need to make it more consistent and frequent.

  • Thank you Skadi and Georgi for vehemently pleading the players' case and convincing the game center.

    We will open up com2 on THURSDAY (!) October 8th at 14:00 o'clock CEST, 12:00 PM UTC.

    The official announcement will follow soon.

    Thank you Dux Rupie#EN for opening this thread and thank you to all who participated in this discussion.

    Especially Jak and Mayo for your convincing arguments.

    Sharpen your swords,

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team