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    Dear players,

    it's time for another contest!

    This one is about writing a short story together: You need to complete the sentence of the one who has posted before then, and write their own half sentence for the next one. They must include at least 1 emoji of the new forum emojis in the category “comic”.

    Disclaimer: By participating, the participant agrees that their nick name and the post might be published on Facebook, the blog and/or on pages of Travian Games in case of winning this contest.

    Contest starts: 22.09

    Contest ends: 30.09 at 23:59 CEST

    The winner will be chosen by: Internal jury which will choose the winner randomly from all valid entries.

    Please note that copying another player's entries is not allowed.

    Players can participate up to 3 times, but with different versions. Copying the version of another player's entry is not allowed.


    3 prizes x 50 Gold

    If there are more than 30 entries, we will give out additional 2x25 Gold vouchers and will do so for every further 20th entry (50, 70, 90,..)

    Check out our blog post here:

    Kind regards

    Your Travian Kingdoms team

  • Unfortunately, the contest was used for off-topic complaints.

    There are a lot of possibilities to express your displeasure here in the forum and we kindly ask you not to abuse a contest for this. By doing so, you are depriving other players, who would like to participate in the contest properly, the opportunity to do so.

    That's why we decided to restart the contest to give all players another chance to participate in the contest and win 50 gold. Please respect this!

    And now a new story, I'm looking forward to read your ideas to continue the story :)

    Morning is coming - also here, three miles away from Rigsburgh. Our gaul-cheerful set off long before sunrise to scout out this supposed robber camp. But something is not right. A lonely silent-fly buzzes lazily over the dunghill that peels out of the fading darkness. But it seemed to be the only life here. Apart from that there is no sound, no murmuring, no snoring, no potty rattling of the breakfast preparation... Involuntarily our scout's stomach is growling and he already fears to have betrayed himself in this silence. But there is nobody. There is nothing.

    Just a lot of sand on the market place, which....

  • then he got an gaul-idea , just he need to let the settlers build lot of villages and got lot of ppl, and after remakes them as troops, all of these will make him teuton-strong


    • Masinissa was Prince of the Massylians, who consolidated the fragmented Numidian tribes, creating a kingdom in North Africa which expanded and thrived in the context of the Punic Wars (240 BC.-148 BC.).
    • Jugurtha he famously described Rome as "urbem venalem et mature perituram, si emptorem invenerit" (Sallust, Jug. 35.10).
    • Julius Caesar say "Veni, vidi, vici" (around 47 BC).


    - As king ( Numidia )

    - As Gov ( RfR )

    - As Gov ( AK )

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