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  • 300 CP pr day, + 300 if you do a party = 600.

    arigota wrote:

    200CP with the city + 300 with the capital + 500 with the small party

    When the third slot come :

    My way = I can do a little party on my city, it bring me 1000. Let's say v2 brings (is that the correct verb ?) 200. 1200 PC days since 3rd slot come

    Your way = 600 + 200 + none cause it's a new village. And i don't know how you can finish the v2, make little party v1, and develop v3 at the same time.

    Upgrading to city in you capital only gives you +500 CP no extra resources...

    Otherwise you can keep the v1 city, it is often more adapted as an offer who will have to city his Voff. This will allow you to look for the 12 resource quests knowing that finish quests in early are the best way to develop.

    Tell me if you don't understand those sentences i will try to change it to make people understand me, I have a really bad english sorry.

    Didnt understand all the other stuff you wrote, sorry...

    F***, why Napoleon didn't won ???

    What you do and how you play, all depends on your goal for the server....

    Totally agree but it's not the subject here.

    Dont think we will ever agree about this

    If we are only talking about growing population and CP slots, i dont see how your mathematics can be correct

    If my mathematics are good and it is, will you be agree with me ?

  • Fun time in this server is over for me due to conflict with leaders and player, regardless i had fun in here and i respect every each of you, its final countdown of delete account, here is something that is interesting :

    1. GGG leadership branded me as multi account of DW, im not sure why i have screenshots attached later

    2. Thanks to the FK guy, aspired me use my defense to kill off more than half army of someone, i believe his in game name was Claquebitou Dur

    3. I think my identity in DW is Lion King 2, which Lion King himself is also confused

    Thats all folks, thank you for moment of playing, be it enemies or allies, love you all, we will see again someday.

    Theory of im being DW's multi account:

    1. Jethrol's comment

    2. Jethrol's henchman comment

    3. verifying identity from Lion King

    The dude aspired me using defense killing hammer:


    Anvil kills hammer:











    might have missing some reports or duplicated , quite many of it ;p , thats all, take care, see ya!