Move the page nubers on outgoing attacks / incoming reinforcements

  • Hello everyone, hello Travian Team

    there is something that bothers me quite often and could be fixed rather easily.

    I often wonder, when exactly my hero returns or i want to interrupt a wrong attack and then i have to scroll through 100-300 pages of attacks / reinforcements. That happens when you are farming a lot, but since not all troops return with ressources or some attacks have catapult targets etc. the page numbers in the bottom jump up and down and prevent me from going through fast.

    If the page numbers would be moved to the top of that panel, i could just rush through to the correct page.

    Maybe there is some workaround that i dont know of, but if not, i would appreciate this little adjustment :)

    Greetings, Lord Thunder

  • Something similar came already up in 2016 in the German part of the forum.

    Helden Rückkehr mit Zeit + Ankunft

    My suggestion was, to add the time to the overview of the hero. There is already the information where the hero is. E.g. on the way to xyz or on the way back to village xyz.

    The time is available anyways and it shouldn't be hard to implement it on this page. But well, nothing happens and I guess we have to play in the way it is.

    Also, I agree with your suggestion, to move it on the top. This could prevent other problems and not only when you are looking for the hero.

  • And the same can be said about other people reinforcing you and your troops coming back from raiding are all in one tab, it is really hard ti find it in the middle of you 900 reinforcing waves sometimes!!

    If they can split this to 2 different tabs would be amazing!
    Reinforcments of the troops of this specific village

    Reinfocments of the troop of your other villages and other players

  • I actually like this petition very much... it is sometimes annoying to have to scroll down to be able to change pages or confirm something.

    Thank you very much for the suggestion.

    The team will study it, I really hope it is possible to do.