Low Yield Adventures?

  • Is anyone else getting low yield adventures? I've gone on 30 adventures now, and the last 6, I've gotten 200 silver once, and 6 or less cages every other time.
    Single or double adventure, doesn't matter, single gives me 5 cages, double gives me 6. All I get is cages. This has happened almost since the beginning (After the standard Horse, book of wisdom, chicken boots, etc.)

    Just wondering if anyone else is getting insanely low yield on their adventures, Because All I've gotten is a mostly dead hero and altogether 50ish cages total.

  • No, this is another topic if enough people pay 200k for CP helmet, when you get one from adventure you can sell it for 200k. they bring the average price up by paying high price.

    Here situation is different, there are thousands cages in auctions and inventories. it is pretty cheap now. more cages in world makes it even cheaper. now by chance if you get cages from adventure it is low number to prevent cages getting more cheap...

    Of course TG never talks about these like any formula. it's all my guesses based on what's happening right now.

  • Everyone got 300 cages 4 free so the price plumeted :thumbsup:

    Sim City Mode Enabled?

    I documented how Kingdoms turned to Zoo Kingdoms

    The new patch introduced some bugs so we shouldn't tin foil hat yet


    I dont think the rates would be influenced by auction, its influenced by loot tables and the chances to get those items. Clearly you are more likely to roll medicine/resoures/cages than equipment.