European Night Truce Speed Server "EUNX3"

  • This server is a good idea

    500 is more , itx3 have 200 attive 😂

    Hello Smilzo, 200 active people on ITX is very sad. But just imagine how much people will play on eunx. A lot of players like speed servers and the night truce for many reasons. Now we just combine both things and make eunx. I still hope for a quick response from community managers. I want to know if it's possible to make eunx stable server every 2-3 months. I think this will be good overall.

  • Why do you keep calling it EUnx(3), there were two servers with literally the same setup you're requesting for bbash 2020 called com1nx3 and com2nx3. ^^

    But these were special servers. And I want time to be according to CET. But I said I don't care about name eunx or comnx. I want just to make this server stable every 2-3 months. That's all :]

  • Hello Be2-e4, let me explain why I talking about eunx, not about comnx, please stop blaming me for that name. :D

    The administrator said to me :

    At the moment, there are no plans to start a Speed night truce world.

    In addition on an international world we have players from a lot of different time zones. Because of this I don't know if a speed night truce world get enough attention.

    So here are no plans for speed server with the night truce mode and in Com servers play a lot of people from different time zones as the administrator said. So I said: If the time zones are a problem just make Europe speed server with the night truce mode because in Europe are only three time zones (most of CET). There is a lot of local European servers with a small population. I want make a one big Europe speed server with the night truce mode depending on CET every 2-3 months. I will happy if anybody adds a comment and says about that if they want stable the speed server with night truce mode. :]

    Seriously I don't care if the name will be comnx or eunx I said only reasons for it.

  • Never say never, but at this moment in time there are none coming up.

    There are a lot of things to take into account when creating a game world, some are already said by different players.

    But be assured that we take your opinion and petition when considering new servers.

    Thank you very much for the petition Baron Max .

  • Thank you a lot for your answer. I hope "at this moment" you mean this year. So if you'll make this server next year it will be great! I know it's not easy but if look at local speed or normal servers with 200-300 people you must say to yourself if are these servers good. I showed you how many people were on comn1x3 & comn2x3. For recapitulation on both servers combined was 15 000 players. I know it was a special server. I think and I know that for this Speed Night Truce World is a bigger demand than for any one of the local servers. If you change and reorganize low population local server/s and rebuilding this server/s on Speed Night Truce World it will a better move than keep local server/s with funny low population. And I don't care if the name will be comnx or eunx. I WANT THIS SERVER! <3 8o :*

  • Yes that is another of the potential issues, it is hard to make it convenient for everyone.

    If you want to make anything convenient for everyone you probably will make nothing...

    1x rate speed is not convenient for everyone

    3x rate speed is not convenient for everyone

    5x rate speed is not convenient for everyone

    Local servers is not convenient for everyone

    Night Truce mode is not convenient for everyone

    COM/X where you are raided, conquered, or destroyed when you sleep is not convenient for everyone

    EUNX3 is not convenient for everyone, but for me is a lot convenient!

    Just imagine 90% of Travian players base is in Europe (Whole Europe+Turkey+ European Russia) and talking about the people from NA or Oceania that they can't play here. Punish 90% of people for the rest 10%.:thumbsup::/

  • Well it is not about punishing, it is about trying to ensure what ever we do is the best possible scenario for everyone, or for at least the maximun number of players.

    So, for now, the only answer I can give you is that it will be studied, it is just a matter of waiting and seeing what the options bring us.

  • Thank you very much! I think it's a good idea for everyone who doesn't have enough time, especially overnight, when every reasonable person wants to sleep. I know it's not suitable for 100% of players but most of the community is from Europe or a short distance from the CET zone.

    I would make such a compromise. Europe is mostly in the CET zone (+1 UTC) but for example, European Russia and Turkey from where there is also a large part of the player base are +3 UTC. Therefore, I would suggest making the Night Truce depending on CET from 22:30 to 06:30 (European Russia / Turkey = from 00:30 to 8:30). I think we may agree on that...