Travian Kingdoms Swift Suicide Settler guide for whole kingdoms

  • Travian Kingdoms Swift Suiside Settler Plan for Whole Kingdoms

    This strategy is based on the regular SS-settler plan that was developed by the Kingdom Band Of Brothers (BoB) 2013 on the Beta servers of Travian Kingdom. Since then the plan has been adopted depending on patches and now with the function of Relocation where the King can invite a governor to move their village (as long as they only own 1 village) to a menhir. While this function itself has led to many good options for pre-made teams to initiate their kingdom; we found one function of the relocation process to make a critical function that allows basically anyone in your team to get their 2nd village within 36 hours, without using more gold than the 40 gold given at start.

    The function we are talking about is actually the penalty of relocation, where all your fields and their production get set back to lvl 0 and where you are given back 85-99% of the resources you spend on building them up. What this penalty rely means is that you can level up your fields at your starting village, follow the normal strategy for rushing settlers; But instead of having to destroy your 1st village, losing population and wasting the 25 units built in the first village; you can now relocate and keep your infrastructure intact and get all your members of a premade kingdom to have 2 villages inside kingdom borders within 36hours. The difference this makes is massive when it comes to the number of robber camps that will spawn in the kingdom as they are dependent on many variables such as Kingdompopulation, Kingdom’s total troop-consumption of wheat, Number of treasures etc. However, this strategy isn’t the fastest strategy for a single player to get a 2nd villages, meaning other active players will be able to take 15/9c that your kingdom wants. However, the strength a kingdom gets from this strategy, and the fact that you can have catapults day 2-4 as king/duke, makes it rather safe to say that you will be able to claim the 9/15 within the first week of gameplay. Finally, for this strategy to work you still need the kingdom in the right location. If that location is not at spawn, an adoption of the start-setup of the team is needed. As you can only relocate if you have 1 village, one person needs to leave behind their 1st village and will fall behind compared to their teammates. However, this loss isn’t that heavy if it is the king himself who loses his starting village.

    Building plan for the King

    (Please note that the plan can vary depending on which civilization you start out with. The strategy described below is meant for Romens, as they are the fastest civilization to achieve settlers thanks to their troop unit bonus. However, Gauls and Teutons gain more once you have resettled and thus it is important that if you play as king, to get governors fast in your 2nd village. It is always smartest to spawn north as the TK-test village spawns there. This village turns grey after 24 hours and holds 800 of each res, a fitting bonus for speeding things up.

    Note 1: Don’t build a single iron, clay or wood field, as you need to destroy your spawn village after resettling.

    Note 2: It is expected that the players themself understand that they need to send the hero on adventures, catch animals, attribute-swapping of heroes and other minor quests while following the guide. Seeing as the King will demolish his 1st village, the troops produced in the village can be sacrificed to either give bonus production from oasis or raid oasis for some extra res.

    Note 3: You will need to use Travian plus and other gold functions for this to work.

    Note 4: Talk to all governors nearby and invite them to your kingdom, a full kingdom will speed things up greatly as you will gain more res. Mind that you might be prevented from relocating the same player more than once in future patches and that it might be wise to check this out before sending relocations to premades at this stage.

    NOTE 5: Your 3 settlers have to be produced before the residence is demolished. What you want to do is to start the demolish so that the building is destroyed a few seconds after the 3rd settler is produced. It takes 4 hours and 14 min to demolish the residence, so destroy it when it is 4 hours left on the settlers.

    1. Demolish the destroyed buildings that you start with in the village.
    2. Warehouse + Granary level 3.
    3. Get all Wheat fields to level 1
    4. Get all Wheat fields to level 2
    5. Get all Wheat fields to level 3
    6. Build Barrack level 1
    7. Train 5 troops
    8. Build 1 Wheat field to level 5
    9. Build the Windmill.
    10. Warehouse level 5
    11. Granary level 5
    12. Barrack level 3
    13. Academy level 1
    14. Academy level 5
    15. Smith level 3
    16. Stable level 1
    17. Main Building level 5
    18. Research Scouts (often need to “rename village” and conduct the “adventure” quest first. After patch you need to have completed “attack a robber hideout.)
    19. Build 5 Scouts (you need to have the quest in the logg visible for this one)
    20. Build 15 troops
    21. Cave level 1
    22. Residens level 1
    23. Marketplace level 1
    24. Embassy level 1
    25. Residens level 5
    26. Build 3 settlers
    27. Main Building level 10
    28. Cave level 5
    29. Demolish Cave
    30. Demolish Wall
    31. Demolish stable.
    32. Demolish Smith
    33. Marketplace lvl 5
    34. Demolish the Residens.
    35. Warehouse level 7
    36. Granary level 8
    37. Academy level 10
    38. Workshop level 1
    39. Demolish Workshop
    40. City Hall level 1
    41. Demolish Academy
    42. Demolish treasury
    43. Do a Small Party
    44. Send settlers.
    45. Take a 15c (no matter % bonus, preferably a bad 15c is what you want so that you don't compete with faster players. Also as king you don’t need an as good 15c as other players as the wheat production from treasures is far more important than crop bonus.)
    46. Demolish 1st village (optional)
    47. Build Warehouse level 3 in village 2
    48. Build Granary level 3
    49. Build Iron, Wood, Clay to level 3.
    50. Build Warehouse level 5.
    51. Build Granary level 5
    52. Build Iron, Wood, Clay level 5.
    53. Build Warehouse level 9
    54. Build Granary level 7.
    55. Iron, Wood, Clay level 7
    56. Build Embassy level 1
    57. Build barrack level 1
    58. Build treasury and activate
    59. Produce troops 24/7 until you reach 1k troop quest reward.
    60. Build Iron, Wood, Clay level 10.
    61. Go for the 3k unit quest.

    Note 6: The first players you want to relocate into your kingdom-area are the 2 dukes, so that they can send their settlers away asap and open treasuries. However, it is recommended that both the king and the two dukes start as king and follow this guide, as it enables the kingdom to get bigger borders faster. However, depending on patches this might not be the best move as you sometimes need to leave BP in order to abdicate.

    Building plan for the Governors/Dukes

    (The strategy for Governors/Dukes requires less activity to be successful, but can be as powerful if you use gold. Thus, it is often smarter to build offensive units to clear robber hideouts quickly, even if you're a Gaul. Depending on the patch there should be 8-12 Robber hideouts appearing within the first 36 hours, and the faster you clear them the higher the odds for more camps)

    Note 1: Make sure you belong to a kingdom so that you get crop bonuses from selling treasures.

    Note 2: Clear one Robber Hideout camp at the time. This makes the respawn of camps faster. Preferably clear the units in the camps with the hero only, so that you don’t lose troops as you want all troops alive for faster clearings.

    Note 3: If you are experienced on travian you want to get your hero to level as much as possible, as Hero level is a dependant factor for the strength of Robber hideouts/camps. Thus, attacking oasis and killing enemy players’ troops is an important part of the start, but not necessary.

    Note 4: Now you are ready to do a small party and send your 2nd settlers. However, in this strategy you don’t demolish buildings for resettling, you wait for the king to relocate you and use the resources given by the demolishing of your fields, to pay for the party. While waiting for the king to send a relocation invite to you, you will want to use all resources you have to produce troops. If you get the 100 unit troop quest complete before resettling, save the quest reward.

    1. Demolish the destroyed buildings that you start with in the village.
    2. Warehouse + Granary level 3.
    3. Get all Wheat fields to level 1
    4. Get all Wheat fields to level 2
    5. Get all Wheat fields to level 3
    6. Build Barrack level 1
    7. Train 5 troops
    8. Build 1 Wheat field to level 5
    9. Get one of each Wood, Clay, Iron to level 1
    10. Get all Wood, Clay, iron to level 1
    11. Get all Wood, Clay, Iron to level 2
    12. Get all Wood, Clay, iron to level 3
    13. Warehouse level 5
    14. Granary level 5
    15. Main Building level 5
    16. Residence level 1
    17. Get all Wheat fields to level 5
    18. Barrack level 3
    19. Academy level 1
    20. Academy level 5
    21. Smith level 3
    22. Stable level 1
    23. Research Scouts (often need to “rename village” and conduct the “adventure” quest first. After patch you need to have completed “attack a robber hideout.
    24. Build 5 Scouts (you need to have the quest in the logg visible for this one)
    25. Build 15 troops
    26. Cave level 1
    27. Marketplace level 1
    28. Embassy level 1
    29. Residens level 5
    30. Build 3 settlers
    31. Mainbuilding lvl 10
    32. Cave level 5
    33. Marketplace level 5
    34. Demolish Cave
    35. Warehouse level 7
    36. Granary level 8
    37. Academy level 10
    38. Workshop level 1
    39. Demolish Workshop
    40. City Hall level 1
    41. When the king/duke has sent the relocation to you: Small party
    42. Send settlers to the assigned 9/15c or random field you want.
    43. Complete 100 unit quest (or produces so that you can complete it)
    44. All Wood, Clay, Iron fields to level 5
    45. Demolish residence (recommended)
    46. All Wheat fields to level 5 (recommended)
  • Tips when starting a new server

    Exactly where to resettle can’t be known before spawning and while it can be tempting to have a premade player spawn earlier than the rest to “scout” the map, we the authors haven't found this to be recommended. Instead we recommend all of the premade players to spawn north as soon as possible, preferably everyone spawn the first minute of the server launch. Everyone except the king spawns as governors, and the king spawns as king. Depending on the premade size you can make very devastating blows towards other premade teams early by doing this.

    1. You want your king to relocate premade players into the kingdom, a player can be relocated multiple times during the current patch; as long as they don’t have more than 1 village and don't belong to a kingdom. When it is time to relocate to the real location, you can simply leave your kingdom by the function of the embassy and then get a new invitation along with the new relocation. With a full kingdom from day 1, the process of sending settlers away could be reduced to 12 and 30 min hours; which is the fastest settling the authors ever managed without building Wood, Clay, Iron fields.
    2. If premade governors spawn good according to the spawn of the king, it can be wise to duke them and get more of the premade team into these areas.
    3. If future patches start to prevent multiple relocations, the governors spawning north can start denying tributes to all the kings they spawn in. Most likely some of these kings are future enemies and by denying them tributes while staying in their kingdom borders, you well slow their growth down; especially the first days when the tribute-bonus exist. When the premade is larger than 20 players, this was found to be the most effective strategy. That governors actively asked kings to relocate them to their kingdoms, and then deny tributes.

    Hero level and troop consumption are the two variables that have the largest impact on how strong/good Robber camps/hideouts are in the early game. Seeing as Robber camps spawns when the kingdom is 3 days old (at current patch), the main goal of the premade team is to get everyone into the new kingdom area at day 3 and have every hero at high levels.

    1. The first revival of a hero is very cheap.
    2. As none of the governors have to rush settlers, it was found that for active players it was more beneficial to specc strength on the heroes and attack nearby oasis killing other players troops or weak animals such as rats. You are guaranteed 1 book of wisdom from the early adventures, so even if you aint a gold user you can respec hero to resources once the first robber camps spawned on day 3.
    3. Attack oasis nearby will also slow down potential enemies or other players who aim to rush 2nd village, giving your king a better odds of getting the correct fields.
    4. Without the usage of gold on card-games for resource-bonus or 25% bonus; The hero can die 2 times without losing the required amount of resources to complete the guide above.
    5. Players with gold could kill their hero 4 times as long as they are below lvl 8.
    6. Send heroes to attack oasis when they are low on health from clearing Robber hideouts and adventures.

    If possible it is quite good to use voice chat or at least some sort of external communication program as the kingdom's administration (king,dukes, off/deff leaders etc.) So that you can discuss potential settling-locations fast. Assign the 15/9c in the area you want to settle in to your members as well as close by Natar villages. It is recommended that the king grabs a weak 15c (but preferably with 2 oasis close by that provides either 50% bonuses or 25/25 % bonuses. This as you will want to station 500 units in the oases asap). Furthermore, it is better that the players assigned to natar villages send their settlers to a field close by the natar, rather than taking a 15/9c and then a natar. This strategy works the best when multiple players can grow stronger than average, rather than having a few active players sitting with all the good fields.

    When relocating members, the dukes will have their first villages in the spot where the king will have his 15c. However, we recommend 1 of the dukes to temporarily activate their treasury there as well the first day, seeing as they most likely will have 250+ pop in that village while the king might struggle with reaching 250pop in a 15c the first 24 hours.

  • Hi Qvintus ,
    Thanks for sharing but your guide is completely outdated for the current state of the game, I'm rather sure it was good 5 years ago but right now you are missing a lot of mechanics of the game which slows you down greatly.

    Regarding the map, it doesn't matter the direction you take at first as you can menhir and also thanks to the API, you can access the map when server starts and analyze it and therefore decide the best direction based on that instead of always going North.

    Also, Gaul is the fastest tribe that can produce 3 settlers (training time is smaller vs other tribes)