Login problems

  • Why when I want to enter one of my servers from the lobby do I need to log in, if I was already logged in? Also after logging in (again), the animation of entering the server appears, but it returns me to the lobby to log in again (for the third time).
    I have had to log in up to 7 times in a row :cursing:.
    This is new to me, it didn't happen the last time I played travian (about 4 months ago).

    Does this happen to someone else?

    How do I solve it?

    Greetings and thanks ^^

  • I am sorry you are experiencing those issues.

    I would recommend writing to Support, but in the mean time you can make sure to delete all cookies and cache of the browser, making sure you do it from the beginning of time, not just for a specific time frame.

    Please, remember that if you use an Google or Microsoft account you will have to do it in all the browsers where you have the account open, as they will sinc between each other.