Introduction thread: Who are you

  • I missed a place where to introduce ourselves, so I am opening this thread to give us that opportunity.

    I think I will start with myself:

    As you know I am Unknown, new CM for TK EN, still acting CM of TK ES until my replacement arrives, I been told soon.

    My Travian live started back in 2006 with the original Travian, but if I want to be honest even earlier than that without knowing it.

    I was an avid player of Age of Empires 2, of course online, in maps 4v4 where I would play sometimes for 8 hours on a row nonstop for a single game.

    But, AOE3 came along and they stop supporting the servers where AOE2 was played online… this was before Steam even existed, so although I tried AOE3, it was nothing like the previous version, yes good graphics (for the time) but game play… not a chance. Not even 2 months went by before I was looking for a replacement.

    And there, after trying several strategic games I arrived to Travian. That is what I was looking for, the perfect balance of strategy and team play.

    When Kingdoms started on its beta servers, I tried it and loved it.

    I stayed this long in Kingdoms because is a game where you choose how much you put into the game, you choose your involvement, you choose your time. You can manage the account with little or you can invest a lot of time in the finer details of strategy and game play.

    The brilliant thing is that you get out of it as much as you input. I have seen great strategic attacks and defences planned in a team effort. That was time spent with people that, although were at the other end of the “internet” would become friends, people you trust and rely upon. I have seen friendships develop to relationships and people that met in any form of Travian become real life friends or more.

    I just love it.

    Outside Kingdoms I love reading, watching films and series that are historically based, yes, I love history too, I guess that is why the Kingdom’s theme fits me so well.

    I like hikes in the open air, away from cities, although having lived for 14 years in London I am probably more a city rat than anything else.

    And of course, nothing beats a good meal around a big table full of family and friends with good drink to accompany it. 😊

    What about you?

    Don't be shy, introduce yourself!

  • Welcome Unknown.

    Since there hasn't been a response in this thread let me kick it off.

    I have been playing travian since the classic servers as a little kid back in the days. When life became more busy the game got left behind but never forgotten. At one point I wondered if travian was still around and I ended up joining a kingdoms server for a casual play. Lately my casual play grew out into playing on a more serious note. (Not too serious ofc, just here to mess with peoples minds mainly).

    At one point I discovered the forum. And what is more awesome then playing with the rival kingdoms mind on forum? The current com4 I identify myself as Badman. But I see myself as a priest of laughter. Love me or hate me.

  • Unknown , I suppose you will like Netflix's series Barbarian about German tribes and Rome in the heyday. I liked it. Strongly recommend if you did not see it yet.

    And I also love strategies, in particular, Travian because of the balance between strategy and social dynamic. But in my opinion, TK needs some experiments based on opinion of the community. That is greatest difference between classic Travian and Kingdoms. An experiment with treasuries and kingdoms was successful, players confirm it with each server.

    I hope you will carry your banner of the builder and lord of the bridge between the community and the developers' team. Good luck!

  • Yes ApT I watched it in full and although it wasn't 100% real, it was close enough and very entertaining.

    There are a lot more I could recommend, but... you know what? That is for another thread!

    I'll open one to talk about it.

    Edit: And I have already done it:

    What are you watching

    And yes, I hope you be that "lord of the Crossing" (yes, house Frey is not my favourite in GOT, but it is the most fitting here now) as best I can and of course as far away as possible from Lord Walder Frey, the only think I liked about him was his ending (Arya Power!).

    And what about you? Don't be shy, introduce yourself. :)

  • hi everyone...

    I'm Imperium Romanum, I started playing travian since 2007 when the graphic was still simple, i remember when the resources field still a hexagon shape. haha…

    i played through 2010 and for some reason i left travian... I started playing again in 2015 until now… I have a lot of fun playing this game. i personally choose travian because I can play it anywhere at any time... I can play it in class, in work, in home, and it doesn’t interfere with work. best part is you don’t have to download anything… you can play it on your device or your friend device or any device as long it has a bowser, but the most important reason is I can play it and my wife doesn’t nag me because I was playing too much and left her alone hahaha…

    I have a lot of fun, but there is one thing.. see I usually play tavian, but never finished it. Not because I was bored or anything, but because I didn’t survive till the end. In simple term I was a noob… when my village get farmed or get destroyed I usually quit the game.. I didn’t see a way to fight back another player that have an enormous troop compare to mine.

    Never the less I’m looking forward to be more active player in game and in forum.

    Nice to meet you all… :thumbsup:

    "Ad Astra, per Aspera!"

    -Pontifex Maximus XIII-

  • Hello all,

    I'm Gab, I started playing Travian back in the day on 2008, but I was a super noob and had to send my resources daily to someone to not be farmed and be protected by him lol.

    I quit Travian in 2010 and then came back in November 2015 out of curiosity and found TK and haven't stopped playing since then. Started with Pirates on the now deceased usx3 and then moved on to play servers with Pirates, North, Shameless, BM, UFO, DOOM, AutoBots, HellFarm and many other I may have forgotten.

    I love getting involved in leadership and of course I love the juicy tributes :P

    I keep saying I will retire from this game, but it's the great friendships I've made in this game that keep me going :D

    Nice to meet you all :)

  • Hey all,

    I am Gabriela, as you may see from my profile´s name. I played my first Travian in, I think, 2007.

    I am also a fan of AOE, Heroes of MaM, World of Warcraft and a super great fan of The Sims :D

    At the beginning, I used to play speed servers. After a break I played couple of servers like in 2015/2016.

    After that I got myself a long break, actually never thought I would touch Travian again... Until March this year :D as i got the opportunity to stay at home quite often and Presequencer#EN dragged me into Kingdoms. Since then we finished com7 (where we actually first met with Mycro#EN :D ), plus i finished com1 and now, we are currently playing com4 :)


  • Hey all,

    same story as Mycro#EN . I know travian from its early days, when I was a lot younger. I took a break that lasted more than 10 years. When Corona-era began, after beeing locked-up in a home-office prison, accidentally I get sentimental. Being curious if the good old-fashioned game is still as good as it was back then, tried kingdoms on com7 ... where I met Mycro.... guy that started to farm me like 7 Minutes after I entered....suggested me (in the best possible friendly way he's capable of) to move away, to try some other game, to avoid being eaten like a dog --- such a lovely warm hearth he is.

    Feeling impressed, I couldn't resist, so I started to enjoy all the fun again.

    Btw, I like numbers , the universe, my soulmate gabi.elle, reading books, my dog and most of all ... Mycros memes

  • Yap :thumbup:

    I'm Sto Mu Gromova; Hogar; Budalimir; El Gringo; Terminator 2...

    Actually who comes to my mind when i log 8) and with my favorite kingdom Ringo Starr :!: (some still think i'm really him :S ).

    I know some of you, but you probably don't know me since i've never been an influential member or a good customer :evil:

    Really don't know when i started with travian or when i will finish but if i started writing it means i find less fun in game. :/

    Good health and fun wishes you all Ringo Starr 8o

  • I like this!

    I am Wheat Dragon. I've played this game since I was young... I was playing in 2007, maybe 2006? I can't remember. Travian was my first dive into the "browser game" world. I tried a lot of other games similar, but I was hooked on this one in particular. Sounds familiar to what I've seen written already.
    My starting to play this game coincided with a lot of turmoil within my personal life and it was an excellent outlet.

    I remember the first time that I settled a second village... it was like after my 10th server. I was horrible at this game. I didn't know strategy. I was just here to basically "sim". I didn't meet up with a group of players that I would regularly play with for a few years. Since then I've just absorbed the different strategies. When I discovered Kingdoms, the main appeal was that it was the first time that I had Travian on an app - and I loved that. Obviously the app has had it's issues over the years, but I never let that dissuade me from continuing on.

    I've played under too many names to count, but I think I finally found one that is hopefully 'unique' with Wheat Dragon.

    I've recently hoped into the leadership role and play as King. What a learning curve... but I love it. I get to interact with so many different players and pass on the random knowledge that I have of this game to other players. I'm just grateful to everyone that I've learned from (even if it was on the receiving end of a hammer ;) ).

    I look forward to all the future servers with and against you all. May we all continue to learn a better game and enjoy each others company and competition.