Farmlist suggestion

  • So one day i decided to move around 30 farms from one list and copy them to another two! And it took me so much time because we dont have the mutli-select feature.

    Cant we just make that you select the farms that you need to move and move them all at once by one click rather than moving each one at a time.

    It will make the farmlist much more easier to work with in my opinion (At least for me)

  • Just like when we select multiple villages and edit troops for them


    3) To delete them

    with catas'? gaul-yikes
    This reminds me of current server round being played. Got series of attacks with just a second interval of arrivals each minimum 7 attacks per wave.
    I report my suspicion to Travian Support and got answer "a Tab in Rally Point" and i presume it's FarmList.
    Ticket closed so I intend to perform the same on my farmlist but I cannot find how to add catas!

    So is there another tab for catas?

    Back to the topic: I agree with RK :thumbup:

    and if we can include catas please call it SeigeList