Game Mechanics bug/abuse COM1

  • Hi,

    I previously wrote a ticket to the support related to a player, who already after the 1 week of the server game had 960 population in the 15 crop village which is simply impossible - he was not in top farm, didn't have a lot of tribute and etc.

    All I saw was that he teleports the players to his kingdom somehow (with menhir mechanics) and the player gets the second village with 0 population. After few minutes, the player dissapears and have only 1 village with normal population.

    He was bunned for a while, and unbanned after that, i suppose with the penalties.

    Also on that territory were 2 players, who most probably used the same bug, or received resourses (farm, trading or etc.) exactly as the first one.

    After that they were "menhired' to the main territory of a kingdom and punched our treasury. They had a huge troops for this game period, and also they 1. Didn't have a lot of tribute or hadn't at all 2. Were not in top farmers, i.e. to get such a big army was simply impossible - you can calculate all the reuquired resoures for this purpose.

    Currently it's hard to see any reason to compete vs players who use the broken mechanics of the game. Because also nobody could guarantee that these are the only accounts, that used the abuse.

    Please fix and also punish the bug users. Thanks in advance!:S

    Btw this topic is more to attract attention of the Travian Gmbh team, because nobody wants to play game with such bugs, i.e Travian Gmbh is going to lose money without fixing it.

  • Man, if you do not understand / do not know the whole mechanics of the game, you should not immediately accuse of fraud.

    Savvy and mathematics work wonders.

    Lol man, the player was banned. So it was the abuse, but not all the accounts were banned who used the same way. Anyway I don't want to argue with u or any other. It's the message to the travian gmbh about the way they lose money and respect.

  • Well, yes, it is banned for verification and then unbanned.

    Don't argue with me.

    You came here and publicly accuse without proof and without understanding the game. If you cannot understand yourself, turn to your comrades who will be smarter and better understand the mechanics of the game, perhaps they will explain to you.

    Different people play here. Some just vegetable, some make some effort to be better than 99% of vegetable growers.

    And there are those who go beyond. They're coming up with a Blood Magic type guide. Improving them, including new mechanics, and then improving them again.

    Some of this becomes public knowledge.

    Something remains in a narrow circle of people.

    But for the uninitiated, it's all cheating.

    Blood magic - it used to be cheats too, how about it?)

  • Dude i don't have the access to this bug user account to get screenshots with 100% proof. So please don't write senseless sentences.

  • blood magic is also a cheat, you need to be banned for this :D

    The funny thing about this for me is that the game developers had no idea how their game could be played
    this is about balancing and testing

    however, they do not care for a long time, you can always add fish to the game

    spitfire, do you think that it is impossible to achieve such results by legal means?

    if in the future the method is disclosed publicly - will you admit it was wrong and apologize?

  • sure, but it's 100% with rules violation, doesn't matter what was the exact rule

  • Vacation and "Mehniring" are abuse of mechanics, because they was develop for other goals. It is a question to game developers, not players who use it. You can and you use, it's normal. But why developers didn't made protection from abuse - it's a key question.

    Among all previous discussions at the forum players suggested few options, like:

    - Mehnir only for accounts not older then 1-3 days,

    - some limit for Mehnir (1-3 times per acc),

    - vacation only for rest, so account have to be fully pause in that time and then all production have to be doubled.

    Unknown FYI

  • Thank you for giving us all that information spitfire#RU(1) I understand that it comes from a place where you try to help and improve Kingdoms, that is very much appreciated.

    Although in this occasion was not done exactly right, we cannot talk in public about specific accounts and cannot accuse that way players without proof.

    I had to edit a bit your message to take out the names of the players involved, I apologise for it, but data protection laws (GDPR) stop me from been able to be specific here.

    What I would strongly advice you to do is to write to Support, we have a brilliant CSR that knows the tools and the game very well... it is the best way to get this investigated and if there is any demonstrable wrong doing it will be dealt with, it cannot be in better hands.

    But again, thank you very much, I really appreciate your passion and your will to help improve Kingdoms and avoid unfairness.

  • already done, thanks

  • he got band for few days and lost some of his population but then what, he is back and sure there are others do same thing

  • I would advice that you always talk to Support when you see something like that where the CSR will deal with it.

    And if you are telling me that he got banned, that means things are working as it should be, you should be happy about it.

    If any player does any wrong doing, be it again or for the first time, you can always report it and it will be dealt with. And usually if there is re-incidence the punishments is bigger too.

  • What we can see is that:

    1. You can blatantly exploit multis and res pushing to get 30 days of growth within 10 days

    2. Get banned for 1-2 days (only if you get reported, most of the time the mh doesn't even spot them)
    3. Say sorry and take the shitty punishment (-10%? lol ok)

    4. Continue playing with that huge advantage afterwards

    It's the same thing every server. A one/two week ban is much more effective at negating any advantage gained, and is a better deterrent to prevent any rule breaking in the first place.

  • Hi,

    I previously wrote a ticket to the support related to a player, who already after the 1 week of the server game had 960 population in the 15 crop village which is simply impossible - he was not in top farm, didn't have a lot of tribute and etc.

    Grey This is "normal" for you? Having this amount of pop after week 1 without farm/tributes? Sorry but you should be banned as well if you think that

  • We all agree that there is a vulnerability used on the COM1 server. If you find it normal to be able to use such a technique (to increase a 15cc to 900 pop in 5 days) then you have not understood anything about the TRAVIAN community spirit. The problem with this formula is the fact that it is pushed through by several accounts, which is similar to multi-accounting, even if the IPs differ.