Get duke tributes from tribute fond

  • Hello community

    I started a new server, this is my first time as duke. I collect tributes from my govs, and I see 1/3 of the treasures going into the tribute fond for my king. Unfortunatelly we are not yet connected, so he cannot collect them. But I would like to somehow use those treasures. Is there a way to somehow make them active treasures?
    I was thinking about deactivating the treasury and then activating it back up, but I'm not sure if that would work.

    Thanks in advance

  • activation of a treasury needs 12h, where the member will be outside borders and not able to sell their treasures to you
    your king can attack you for the tributes, to take them, until your connected

    Treasures are taken primary from treasury, not from tributes (opposite way resources go).

    just self raid and dodge the taxation... deactivating and reactivating makes them disappear btw. Taxes are stored in cellars

    But how to take treasures? Pretty sure they dont disappear by deactivation (resources do, i agree with that)

  • if you have 2 villages, you can ATTACK not raid with some units AND your hero to move them from an outlying village to a village into the kingdom. But as a duke it will migrate automatically to any unused treasury. So maybe have a gov do it for you