natar horn, suggestion

  • That it gives you strength against the robbers as well, it would be more useful more sought after by the players, the governors lose a lot of troops in the robbers, this would help the governors.

    apart from the horn of natar they use them twice throughout the server, and only some because not all conquer natars or take a wonder.

    the horn of natar gives you strength versus the robbers

  • I like this idea so much!

    It would be a more competent item, more used, more sought after.

    I recommended it a long time ago but nothing, I also made several recommendations for other items, such as the spyglass, where only 6 people use it on the entire server just for wonder, but every time I think more that they are not interested in improving the game. Well, it's obvious for almost 20 years with more of the same 3 classes.

    It is not for anything special, but I was king of a large kingdom, and I earned more with tributes than the top looters, they didn't even come close to half of what I earned with tributes.

    They also have to reduce the taxes on the speed servers, you earn a lot

  • TeutonicG may be those ideas come good for a different thread?

    They seem interesting and could develop with the contributions of others.

    Thank you very much for the input!

    It seems to me that it could be a good move to give it more utility, although it could be that the name would have to be changed...

    We will discuss it in the team.

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    How do you define such an item so that there would be no room for misinterpretation? Natarian horn makes sense since it has natarian in it's name, but what would you call this item that would make it impossible for the players to think that it could also be used against anything but Natarians, Robbers and nature if they decide to include that? War horn, as mentioned above would easily be interpreted as being able to be used against player as well, wouldn't it? And also, wouldn't this just make it so that every player would want to get this item? I feel like the game needs more items that are situational like the natarian horn, and not just another scale armor. But at the same time, if you add more items, you make the rest of them more rare as well, since there is a larger pool to pull from.

    On another note, I think that the unique item cap should be removed. At the moment you cannot recieve an item from adventures if you already have it in your inventory, or on your person. You have to sell the item before you can get it again. This means that items that everyone want, like club weapon, become even more sparse than other items because once you get an item, or buy an item, you can never get duplicates of said item, thus your account has no chance of supplying that item to the game anymore. If you have proof that contradicts this, then please do present it to me in the form of screenshot of reports and screenshot of inventory. Need to be 2 of the same unique item.


    You're reading this. Think about it.

  • LOL, yes, the horn of the Natar may take some more of us yet. :)

    Now, back to a serious note, it is a difficult thing to change, as it has a clear porpoise, I like the reasoning from Hæim#NO , it may actually be the best option to leave it as is not to "destroy" the balance of the game.

    It will definitely will be studied, but so far I don't see a positive vibe with changing the horn.

  • well anyway, we already know they don't want to improve the game xD

    We all already knew the answer, adding strength against robbers is not destroying the balance of the game.

    the governors lose many troops and it is the truth, when the kings have more tributes than the looting tops, and the truth.

    people are desperate to steal millions of materials, and the king has it as a tribute and much more too.

    anyway we already knew the answer, good luck.

  • This has been requested many times in the past. Including by myself.

    Apparently it's on their "list" but who knows how long that will take.


    I know, I myself suggested it a long time ago, and many other things to improve the game, but they are not interested. this will remain the same for another 20 years