Game mode idea: Royal Ascent

  • Royal Ascent

    Royal Ascent is a new spin on the normal Travian Kingdoms gameplay loop. You start off in a small local feud fighting for supremacy, then you take the friends you made along the way and try to fight to be the first kingdom to reach level 100.

    The gameworld is split into 7 relatively equal regions. When you register to a Royal Ascent world, instead of choosing the cardinal direction you want to be placed in like you would on a regular server you instead get the decision to choose between 7 different World Wonders you want to get placed near. No player can settle, attack, send reinforcements, resources or take any other action that could affect players in other regions than the one they started in. You are locked to your area for better or for worse, so make sure you ask your friends which World Wonder to pick so you don't end up in the wrong region on your own.

    1. Pyramid

    2. Garden

    3. Statue

    4. Temple

    5. Mausoleum

    6. Colossus

    7. Lighthouse

    The gameworld runs like normal, but menhir will be disabled because each of the 7 regions are relatively small, so you will spawn close enough to your friends that they are no more than a short trip with your settlers away almost no matter what.

    Gameworld info:

    Type: Royal Ascent.

    Building and production speed: 3x.

    Troop speed: 1x.

    Tier 2 items: Day 14.

    Tier 3 items: Day 27.

    Maximum players per region: approximately 200.

    Maximum players per world: approximately 1400.

    Night truce: Active for the first 50 days (World Wonder is not affected by night truce).

    Menhir: Disabled.

    Vacation mode: Governers can activate it for the first 43 days for up to 7 days total during a single server.

    Win condition: First World Wonder to reach level 100 wins the server.

    Note: Victory points are not relevant for this server type, but treasures still improve selling stolen goods, help producing crop in treasuries as well as being needed to open new treasuries. Also, there will be no map expansion, so once a region is full, it's full.

    The world wonder will be available from day 1, and if your kingdom is able to chief it and level it all the way to level 50 before day 50, then you will achieve a Grand Victory.

    Grand Victory: Achieved when a player levels the World Wonder to level 50. The kingdom that this player belongs to will be given 25% bonus resource and crop production until day 50 of the server, stacking multiplicatively with every other bonus. Every player that does not belong to the kingdom that won the Grand Victory for their region will get deleted 3 days after the Grand Victory was achieved, or when day 50 arrives, whichever one comes first. They can join the kingdom to mitigate this. If no kingdom achieves a grand victory before day 50, then every player in the region will get deleted, and the world wonder will be made unavailable for other regions to chief. If no kingdom in either region is able to achieve a grand victory, natarians win the server.

    World Wonder:

    Opens: Day 1

    Level 51+ available after day 50.

    Build speed: 3x

    Natarian attack: every 5 levels, and after reaching level 50 there will be an extra attack that launches on the World Wonder every 24 hours at midnight with the same strength of a level 60 wave until day 50, then it proceeds as normal with extra natarian waves on level 96, 97, 98 and 99.

    The Royal Ascent:

    Day 50 is the day where the final race begins. A lot of things will happen on this day, so here is the 7 rules of the Royal Ascent:

    1: First and foremost, every player that is not in a kingdom that has won a Grand Victory will be removed from the server.

    2: You can no longer join a new kingdom, so if you leave your currnet kingdom, you will be on your own for the rest of the server.

    3: The king and dukes can no longer abdicate.

    4: Every village that is not in the mist will get removed from the world map. This means that even if you are in one of the kingdoms that won the Grand Victory, if you do not have a single village inside of the mist, then your account will get deleted.

    5: The 7 regions of the world map open up, and you can interact with players that are in other regions.

    6: The level 51 World Wonder upgrade opens up. The race is on!

    7: Have fun! Remember that this is just a game, and remember that the person on the other side of the screen is a living human being as well. Treat each other with respect please.


    So, honestly I think this idea is probably super flawed, but I just wanted to put it out there. I think that having something like this makes it way easier for newer players to come into the game in a more manageable enviroment. Having to jump straight into a 1500 player server right away can feel overwhelming, so having something smaller like a 200 player server can feel much more manageble. This also means that you won't have a single kingdom with multiple world wonders, though it is possible that a single team could take 2 wonders by taking control of 2 different regions, but they will not be in the same kingdom no matter what. Something interesting with this is that you could open up so that different regions are available for different nationalities, so you could have 1 region where only french can register, 1 where only spanish players can register etc, and then on day 50 you would have each region duke it out with each other to show which region is the strongest one. Also by deleting villages outside of the mist and limiting the villages to a specific amount of players you can heavily restrict the strength of metas. Every region that is able to level their World Wonder to level 50 before day 50 will also most likely be able to build on every tile of the mist, so no kingdom will be able to completely run away with a server by building 20 million def and making every hammer completely null and void. Biggest con for this is just the amount of enginework that has to be done to make it, but it should be somewhat manageable to make a prototype for this.

    Anyways, let me know what you think :thumbsup: