Mycro's Guides

  • Hi all,

    I made alot of stuff a while back with the idea to help out new players we would recruit for the kingdom I usually play in.Now I've given it a good thought and since I'm a teatcher by hart (and in RL aswell) I felt like sharing some of those guides and little tricks.

    (For the people that know me from forum, I'm not always a d*ck, only if you play against me, or when I'm bored, or hungry, well yeah most of the time. :thumbsup:)

    My main motivation for sharing these guids is to promote fair play within the com servers and spark the light of new players with little successes so at one day they might give me a run for my money.

    A little disclaimer, all this is done from my own experience a while back. I could improve all guides and I'm sure alot of you out there can aswell. You might disagree with some statements and approaches in the guids themselves for whatever reason. But I'm oke with that. Not here to disagree with your own experience that is mostlikely way higher then mine.

    But I hope to help some of you out there. Enjoy and if there is anything that is wrong within those guids (wrong math, typos etc..) let me know. Most is written accompanied with a bottle of whine.

    Ressfield investment:…_9FysSPw/edit?usp=sharing

    Hammer/Rammerbuild for dummies:…x-A8xehI/edit?usp=sharing

    Natar villages:…3aQK1F0P/view?usp=sharing (Partially stolen from a forum post I found a while back, can't seem to find it now but big shoutout to the guy who wrote the start of it!)

    Basic farmguids for dummies:…M15Doj5ZrcgWFuVoH0YI/edit

    (Don't use bots you lazy ass cheaters, just clicker the click with your finger! Use a bot and I will haunt your dreams X( )