Vanguard Major Offence Operations - Com8 (June 2020)

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    Some Background on Vanguard

    We were a small group of players on com7 who met in the kingdom ‘Regicide’. Com7 was the first complete ‘Kingdoms’ server for most of us.

    We enjoyed playing together and decided to start a new server afresh with 2 aims:

    1. Hold a Wonder of the World/WW &
    2. Place in the Top3 kingdoms.

    Fast-forward 146 days and we finished com8 in 1st place, while holding 3 WWs.

    The majority of our military operations/ops were offensive so I‘ll be posting those reports here. The ops that yielded the highest benefit to us were those against the kingdom ‘Wonder’ – most/all of the reports are from these ops!


    Since I have compiled these reports at the end of the server, I may suffer from some hindsight bias in my narrations. Some reports are also missing since players did not ‘favourite’ the reports & I only stored the ‘final message’ reports (cheifed/destroyed/VP steal) of the op as screenshots!

    A lot of my decisions were made on assumptions supported by many rounds of scouting and analysis of in-game statistics – and I believe the results will show that the assumptions were decently accurate! (If I have made an error I’m happy to stand corrected!)


    As this is a long post I will try to split it up by ops – for easy reading – and try to provide dates/server day/weeks. I have used the long form of some abbreviations the first time but if I have missed any please comment for clarity. This is my first time posting in the forum so I may have to edit posts to get formatting right.

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    Day 0 to Day 50 – Just some more backstory…

    Everyone’s busy clearing out their area + settling for position near a WW.

    We don’t have any consequential reports from here – we secured 2-3 extra croppers from smaller kingdoms & cleared our immediate borders.

    As the dust settled, the WWs had the following teams around them:

    1. 0/0 : Wonder (+ Avengers) v/s Cesko v/s ЛИС (Translation: Fox)
    2. 22/45 : Wonder v/s Redrocs
    3. 50/0 : Blade
    4. 22/-45 : Vanguard
    5. -22/-45 : No Grow
    6. -50/0 : No Grow3 v/s МаГнаТ (Translation: Mogul)
    7. -22/45: Loveland

    Other kingdoms in the middle of WWs: CSM & SH!T

    [Will try to have a rough Day 50-150 map at the end to show how the various kingdoms ended up.]

    The sizeable kingdoms left adjacent to us were:

    1. No Grow to our West (neighbouring WW)
    2. Fox to our North (between the 0/0 WW and Vanguard)

    No Grow were keen to expand to the -50/0 WW where they had a wing No Grow3. Fox was farming 1 of our players near their borders so we took aim. They had 4 treasuries then – 3 worth aiming for. (They had not merged yet & did not tell the end of the server)

    • Minor Op 1: Fake sieges on their king’s Capital treasury from both our kings and we destroyed the other 2 treasuries losing only 2000 troops or so.
    • Minor Op 2: Destroyed the military buildings & croplands of their 2 top raiders

    We did not yet have enough catapults to demolish the entire village so we prepared the remaining off-account governors to ready level 20 catapults on level 20 rally points in the next 2 weeks.

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    Day 60-70: Loveland v/s Wonder

    We were ready with just enough catapults by Server Day 60. Blade, No Grow, & Vanguard (VP rank 2, 3, 4 respectively) were approximately the same size but Wonder was leading the VP race with >2x members, treasures, & population compared to rank 2-3-4.

    Wonder was already in position to compete for 2 WWs but then they started targeting Loveland who would have been a shoe-in for the -22/45 WW if their kings had remained active (1 quit due to irl stuff, the other out of the burden of holding the kingdom in shape + fighting Wonder)

    Dave, a Loveland duke, approached all 3 large kingdoms for assistance as Loveland was folding under the pressure. All 3 kings agreed (separetely) because if Wonder managed to beat & absorb Loveland – they would hold a third WW & we might as well be playing for second among ourselves.

    There was a lot of distrust among all the off coordinators in initial discussions. No Grow leadership dropped out and we suspected they had made a deal with Design (Wonder king) – later we found out it was because they were quitting the game (reason unknown).

    Blade and Vanguard agreed on a date. No Grow rejoined with their off-coordinator Getafix as a representative. Blade announced the plan in-game and immediately were attacked by some of their OWN players at various Ts. They booted whoever they suspected to be Wonder spy accounts and dropped out of the op.

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    Day 70-80: Joint Op against Wonder – Vanguard + No Grow

    Vanguard and No Grow changed the date, targets, etc and went ahead. We faked various treasuries and capitals (we had 2/3x the fakes that No Grow had) and since Wonder’s def planners didn’t send a single scout – they had to guess where to def!

    Both of No Grow’s attacks failed because they targeted Design (he called most defence to himself) & they also couldn’t reduce Daninho’s non-cap treasury to a village to chief it. No Grow didn’t have any notable losses because they risked very little to try and capture those targets.

    Operation 1: Double Success [Server Day 70 // 1st Sep 2020]

    Target 1:

    Ice (roman gov 75% 15c cap with a good catapult army – partial size here)

    Ice army screenshot

    [Village destroyed report missing]

    Target 2:

    C.C. (Roman gov with non-cap hammer – we chose this as we didn’t have enough catas to zero 2 targets)

    C.C. hammer capture screenshot

    Note: We reduced C.C.’s city to a village to halve loyalty to 100% and needed only 4/5 cheifs to capture instead of capturing it as a city with 8-10 cheifs. We used this technique throughout the server.

    Scout Hammers

    We also used our scout hammers [Ludwich & Zskids had 9000+ Equites Legati/EL each by then] to scout the defences at big targets. Our scout reports showed that Design had major defences at just 2 targets: his own capital and Syllendel’s capital.

    Design also had a non-cap treasury village with 35000+ treasures but it was not proportionately defended for this op despite all treasuries having exactly identical incoming on their rally points…

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    Operation 2: Triple failure [Server Day 76 // 7th Sep 2020]

    Elated on our initial success and bolstered with the support of more chiefs we planned the next op! We did not contact Blade or No Grow – we were ready to go alone after seeing the defences from Wonder.

    • Target 1: Theezakje (roman gov 125% 15c cap)
    • Target 2: Ubitzi (Gaul non-cap hammer chosen for same reason as C.C. – reqd. less catas)
    • Target 3: Daninho’s non-cap treasury ‘07 T Spot’ (I did not like the fact that we were repeating targets but some leaders wanted it shut down as it was Wonder’s nearest treasury along with Statafel’s secondary treasury ‘Keukentafel’ // we suspected that both had hammers on secondary Ts – we were only correct about Statafel)

    [Wonder used ‘deactivation’ to hide treasures – a 12 hour process and only 07 T Spot & Keukentafel were 12 hours away at cata speed]

    At Target 1, I had to make a last minute decision between 0-popping the capitals of Theezakje and FXWilliwaller. I made the final decision on the target with these factors weighing on my mind:

    • Fakes sent to FX had come back alive in the first operation. I reasoned that Wonder’s def coordinator would see that and probably defend there (or at least insert between waves on different seconds) as FXW was the server’s top attacker by some distance (hence high risk)
    • The 125% cropper made Theezakje a more appealing target from a reward perspective - FX was on a 6c and had settled a 15c which he later changed to his capital [more on this ahead].


    Target 1: Theezakje 0-pop attempt

    The rammer (which was to hit) first went in 2 pieces – the hammer was launched with ~1600 clubswingers instead of ~16000! By the time the error was discovered it was too late to cancel and correct it- so the remaining clubswingers went to the target on the same second.

    We used 2 rammers + 1 sweeping army but it was not enough to breach the defence because the primary rammer did not bring the level 20 Roman wall down.

    The catapult escorts returned reports like this:

    Theezakje def report^

    Target 2: Ubitzi hammer capture

    We cleared the defence but one of our duke’s chiefs arrived 1 second early. The residence hadn’t been demolished on that second - so the village remained with Ubitzi at 10% loyalty!

    [report missing]

    Target 3: Daninho treasury capture

    The target had more defence than we anticipated and we could only reduce city to 1050 population (target 999 >> 499) because some cata waves died – hence we failed to chief there as well!

    [report missing]

    The failure set us back 2 weeks

    Fakes sent to FX had came home alive once again. Wonder sent very few scouts (~20) in an unorganized manner (all our heroes were well hidden so it wouldn’t have mattered unless they sent 1 scout every…nvm)

    We lost 75% of our catapult power here and had to wait 10-15 days to rebuild. Annoyed with our failure caused by poor execution & second-guessing of clear opportunities, we waited for ops from Wonder but they did not attack.

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    Operation 3: No Grow joins forces [Day 97 // 28th Sep 2020]

    After our failed op, Blade made a plan and hit Wonder and stole Victory Points/VP about a week later (sub-12h travel time). I was under pressure to steal VP because Vanguard was lagging tremendously on treasures and VP despite being #2 in both kingdom off and def power.

    Design’s non-cap T had swelled to 45000+ treasures and Syllendel’s capital had almost 20000 treasures. In comparison, Blade-Vanguard-No Grow kingdoms were at 60000-70000 treasures each. The hits on Wonder govs and small treasuries so far was intended to warm Wonder up to the idea of spreading defence so we could breach higher priority targets (as above).

    I proposed a long-term plan to our king EBH to steal VP from Wonder. He had a large Teuton hammer which I had held in reserve for a big operation. He agreed to start fake-sieging Design’s big non-cap T with hero boots at ram speed (just less than 12h) on for the next few ops.

    Our travel time with catapults (& level 12-17 Tournament Squares) was 14-15h. EBH always had to arrive 2-3h early so Design would never have more than 12h time/notice between our first attack launch (of the entire op) and EBH landing his fake siege at the treasury.

    As intended – Design stopped deactivating that treasury and just stood defence there over the course of the next 3 operations (more details on the ops ahead).

    Scout Wars

    Another development – Wonder created 2 scout hammers in response to our scoutings: Bert & FeatherofQuin (2000-3000 scouts each) and started using them to scout us and Blade – however they both died at Hooby’s treasury (Blade). Hooby sent us the report and informed us that Design had continued to scout Blade players with his 6000 EL scout hammer.

    No Grows leadership was mostly inactive by this point. Their vice-king TFBlade had appointed some replacement dukes. Then TFBlade was kicked by the system as sitter on the king’s account due to account-holder inactivity. Out of concern for the No Grow players TFBlade approached us offering treasures with the condition that we setup treasuries in the No Grow area and absorb all their players. Getafix and TFBlade joined the Vanguard council and we started the merger process.

    Getafix made a plan with No Grow hammers adding in a few Vanguard members for fakes. He wanted everyone to use the fake siege on Design – I changed the plan so that only EBH would siege. The reason was that our primary scout hammers were now at 10000 EL each and we had 2 secondary scouters to rival Design in strength. If EBH was the only one to siege then Design would have plenty of incentive to scout EBH hammer village:

    1. only hammer we didn’t use in 2 ops +
    2. our largest treasury ( by # treasures) +
    3. check to see if the siege is fake [and the rest of EBH’s army stayed home]

    Target 1: EBH Cap Scout Def

    We put out the scout def call and sent the siege – Design fell for the trap: almost 7000 EL dead (report below)

    Design scout trap

    Despite fake-sieging his T & finishing off his scout hammer we did not scout Design at the big treasury to give away our long-term intention.

    Target 2: Daninho’s 07 T Spot

    (yes again – but Getafix chose it this time) – conquered at the cost of 3.5 hammers but we managed to get 8000 treasures and ~200000 of VP from Wonder.

    [Report missing – Zolthun + Skydevils + Quantum hammers]

    Target 3: Daninho’s third T ’10 New Spot’

    I was a bit bored since my hammer & catas weren’t travelling that day so I just sent my Theutates Thunder (TTs) to g.h.o.s.t. Daninho’s third treasury blindly on impulse (no scouting). Wonder were organised very poorly so I returned for more treasure (both reports below)

    Daninho T blind Ghost hit


    I realize that the lack of reports makes for dull reading. Our record keeping started from here and so the report : narration ratio will improve from here on in!

    Edit: The formatting is changing the word g.h.o.s.t to ghost (will try to fix that)

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    Operation 4: Targeting more Treasuries [Server Day 103 // 4th Oct 2020]

    As a result of the previous op, we caught up to Blade in # of treasures and VP and now we had No Grow joining so we were confident that we could go head to head with Wonder and win.

    The only issue was that Wonder had a 2mn VP lead which was growing every day [until Server Day 111]

    We targeted 2 treasuries for cheifing:

    1. Chall’s (Wonder vice- king) ‘We Ride At Dawn’ which was also his hammer village (‘primary’ hammer village as we’d find out later) &
    2. Statafel’s (Wonder duke) ’05 Keukentafel’ (he had used his secondary hammer from here a couple of times earlier)

    They held about 7000-10000 treasures each. Scoutings of Chall had shown him defend that treasury with 3000 paladin and fewer spears (scouts always landed 1 sec before/after fakes) and he settled a 15c (04 Death Wish – we target it in the next op) – opened a treasury there & switched his capital – so my template ‘0-pop + cheifing’ plan got modified to a 2x cheifing plan.

    We also fake-seiged Design’s big T from EBH’s cap – same as the last time. Since the siege landed 2h early we could easily see which Wonder players were defending.

    Results: [Destroyed treasuries + reduced from city to village & cheifed]



    Some insights for the next round of ops

    We stole treasures from Statefel (because of the sub-12 hour travel time) but Chall finished deactivating <5 mins before our attacks reached:

    Chall's treasures moved from ‘We Ride At Dawn’ to ’04 Death Wish’.

    We managed to chief both targets at the cost of 2-3 hammers – our armies returned with a ~2 K/D (excluding the Wonder off that died when the origin villages got cheifed!)

    I fell asleep waiting for the scout reports of Syllendel’s ‘---004---‘ – Brush Monkey (12000 TT), Quintus (8000 TT), 3 Dogs, and I (3000 TT) were waiting with g.h.o.s.t. hammers but I didn’t circulate the scout reports and so we didn’t move on it.

    FeatherofQuin did extremely well to chief back Chall’s village almost instantly from me (I had fallen asleep before our attacks landed so I couldn’t use anti-cheifing measures) but Quintus held 05 Keukentafel for a day or so.

    Chall rebuilt & reopened that treasury within 48 hours and all his treasures were back there.


    Syllendel had 20000 treasures on his 9c capital (---001---) & I guessed that his capital’s population didn’t indicate the presence of a GB or GS due to the build slot limitations (5Ts + factory buildings required in a 9c cap) & his population.

    His secondary T (---004---) was 1850-1900 pop and had only 3500 treasures for a while: indicating <2 treasury buildings. I assumed that the pop out there came from his military buildings (GB GS W’shop maybe even Acad Smithy etc) but we had scouted him without any fakes for the g.h.o.s.t. hits (which I was asleep for) and there were no off troops in that village just 6000-7000 standing def troops of all 3 tribes (total).

    Quintus helped me analyse Syllendel’s account stats, population, and our scout reports and after checking with our rammers we realized that Syllendel had just built a lot of trappers in that village (I had 200 troops trapped there from previous ops). A levelled trapper gives nearly the same pop (62) as a levelled military building (55-72) and that’s what had thrown us off!

    Which left room for only 2 possibilities at Syllendel:

    • Syllendel had switched over to defence like Rkh


    • he was an off duke without a fully developed off village (i.e. no GB & GS) on Server Day 103!

    On our next op we monitored his def points when faking his second and third treasuries and realized it was the second option which was true! We had another potential target for Day 111!

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    Operation 5: Fool me twice, shame on me [Server Day 107 // 8th October 2020]

    Still no reaction from Wonder. I decided not to wait around & made an off plan within 4 days of the last one (& caught up on lots of sleep on the day before). I did not second-guess the weaknesses we had seen at Chall and I tested our theory at Syllendel.

    I put 2 targets up in GT (GetterTools) but they were not in focus that night:

    Dreadious (Roman governor) had 2 hammers and was a top raider. He had a 15c cap hammer (75-100% bonus I forget exactly) and a non-cap 1500 pop city hammer.

    [We aimed to chief the non-cap 1 second before we arrived to demolish the capital because if the cap got 0-popped first, then his highest pop village (second hammer) would become his new cap and thus be immune to capturing]

    The reason I chose a governor was to give Wonder the feeling that I was continually going after hammer villages & capitals because we’d be hitting Design’s big T (non-cap non-hammer but 55000+ treasures) on the next op!

    Due to another timing error (1-sec difference) from a governor with a clearing wave, some of our catapults died before the last of the defence was cleared and the city did not reduce to a village to get cheifed (3 reports below)

    Dead catas

    200% loyalty city

    Final cheifing wave fails

    However we did zero-pop his capital on the next second:

    Focus for the night:

    We fake-seiged Design’s big T from EBH’s cap – same as last time. We sent fakes to Chall’s ‘We Ride At Dawn’ and Syllendel’s ‘---004---‘. The insights we drew:

    1. Design did not deactivate & since the siege landed early (in relation to our other hits) we noted the defenders points again
    2. Syllendel didn’t gain noticeable def points – he was just an off player with a poor infra setup (and hence possibly very low troop count)
    3. Chall moved treasures again – same stuff different day – 5 mins before the hits landed & the treasures auto-moved to ’04 Death Wish’ again!

    Targeting Chall’s freshly moved treasures – Fool me twice, shame on me

    We had cavalry travel times to ‘Death Wish’ ready between Brush Monkey, Quintus, 3 Dogs, and I – I simply had to give them a viable landing time! Our scouts had gone to ‘We ride at Dawn’ instead of ‘Death Wish’ due to a miscommunication but EBH said I could use my judgement here to decide on Go/No Go.

    I decided to go but put my TTs ahead of Brush’s because I wanted to soften the blow if there was any def and have Brush stay in the running for the next (big) op!

    Fortune favours Vanguard on another blind TT hit

    We had not expected Chall to have a secondary hammer but found it by accident behind a negligible wall!

    Returned for some more:

    We stole ~8000 treasures (& 200000 VP) that day after 0-popping dreadious’ cap. We had got another great KD ratio on the op.

    Some Revenge [Not very relevant]

    However Dreadious didn’t let us have the last laugh – he figured from the reports that Zandrino was one of our largest teuton governor rammers left and went after him with g.h.o.s.t. hits at night!

    Zandrino had accidentally sent all his scouts away at night to scout some grey village he wanted to hit the next morning; Dreadious probably got a 1-scout report success. He hit Zandrino at night and finished off half his army (half was away including most rams.) [reports missing]

    I requested Zandrino to change hammer villages because I suspected his capital would come under tremendous pressure when Wonder hit us next – he only had level 13-14 fields and his hammer at the border had already been severely hit.

    Dreadious returned 10 days later to finish the job but Zandrino had upped his ditch and they both had very little left after this:

    [26th Oct 2020 – Server Day 125]

    Zandrino had already moved his hero’s home village to a non-cap secondary off and was pushing his GB GS there.

    I will admit that Dreadious got under our skin – Zandrino and I celebrated a little when I caught some of Dreadious’ catapults sleeping at an oasis.

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    Operation 6: D Day [Server Day 111 // 12th Oct 2020]

    With WWs to be unlocked in 24h, EBH was ready to use his superb hammer. Vanguard had inched ahead of Blade on treasures and VP – both around 70000 treasures while Wonder remained at 120000 treasures with a 2 mn VP lead.

    The last 3 seiges on Design had shown that he had 20-30000 standing def and only 2-3 players would then fill up the rest of the def call at his big T. We assumed this was not a public def call since the points were very highly concentrated – they were probably using Discord/an SS to get def to the big Ts.

    Def player mapping for Design’s big T:

    I assumed the total def would be in the range of 80-100k crop; EBH ran sims for 120k. We didn’t scout this village after Op 1 so the def count assumption was a huge grey area.

    I entered the plan on GT – there was lots of groaning from our players because we were targeting more than 20 capitals/treasuries (2x the usual) with 25+ cata waves and all the hits were just fakes! Every cata player burned ~2500 legionnaire/ clubswinger/ phalanx in fakes [ram players burned ~900 each].


    1. Design

    For the big day we decided to hit the 2 largest treasuries of Wonder – Syllendel at 20000+ treasures and Design non cap at 57000+ treasures.

    EBH sieged the treasury with his hammer at ram speed with Archon Boots (11.5h travel time). We decided to hold in reserve some TKs and about 5000 rams but venture the rest!

    The EBH siege was real this time – and just as the previous times, it was a couple of hours early. Wonder sent the standard 20-30 scouts which didn’t matter because all real hits would have Archon boots on tonight.

    2. Syllendel

    While the siege was on – I messaged Brush Monkey, Quintus, 3 Dogs to be ready to hit Syllendel’s cap with scouts 4h before EBH’s siege reached.

    Once the scout report was shared – 4.5 hours would leave all 3 of them enough time to go to Syllendel’s and return with maps and boot (with 100 TT and a bucket at the ready) to hit Design on boots behind EBH if he cleared!

    Rough calcs:

    Once the scout report was shared – we saw that our assumption on Syllendel was spot on – he had a ~30k hammer (Swords and TTs – Day 111 without much action) & 13k pretos – all TT food!!


    4.30 AM Scout report:

    Brush Monkey urged me to green light the hit even though the simulations showed a loss% between 99% & 100% on his g.h.o.s.t. hammer!

    He ointmented his hero & led our way to 20000 treasures:

    6.15 AM hit at Syllendel cap

    2 hours before EBH was to reach Design we had already stolen 15k treasures and 375k VP!!

    [We had to scramble some def heros to get treasures but couldn’t get all because they had to be ready for the result at Design]

    8.00 AM EBH’s simulation was spot on – he encountered 122000 def

    and the result:

    10.00 AM all the fakes landed but our heros were already home with the treasures!

    Equal VP

    That day – Wonder fell from 120000 to 55000 (and later 45000) treasures. We equaled them on VP due to the VP steal in an opp that yielded 200000 off points against Wonder’s 100000 def points (another 2 K/D ratio). I have stressed the ratio because despite sending so much off against Wonder for no reply – we were #1 in off power from ~ Day 100 to the end of the server!

    We now had excess/overflow treasures without TFBlade’s treasures and the next morning we were in the lead for VP while Wonder was losing ground to Blade (Blade had ~25000 treasures more than Wonder).

    Incidentally, Wonder had chosen Design and Syllendel to hold their WWs – it could not have been a more chaotic day for them…

    Before this op, I was perhaps the only one who thought we could beat Wonder on the VP numbers but after this – we were certain we had done enough to win the server and let Blade come in at second if they guarded their treasures and WWs well.

    WWs had the following owners [& teams around them]:

    1. 0/0 : Wonder (+ ЛИС) [v/s Cesko]
    2. 22/45 : Wonder [v/s Redrocs – later absorbed by Blade]
    3. 50/0 : Blade
    4. 22/-45 : Vanguard
    5. -22/-45 :Vanguard (absorbed No Grow)
    6. -50/0 : Vanguard (absorbed No Grow3)
    7. -22/45: Blade (absorbed Loveland – Wonder & Blade territories formed a super weird shape now)

    Other kingdoms: МаГнаТ & SH!T

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    Server Day: 111-135

    We waited for Wonder to come for the treasures – but they didn’t attack us.

    One of the players we inherited from No Grow decided to go rogue and chief the WW at -22/-45 by throwing 6 cheifs at it at random times. We struggled to get it back for 3 days and when we did it was in shambles so Tusko had to rebuild a lot of basic infra and we were 4-5 days behind. FreeSophist from No Grow 3 managed to secure the -50/0 WW and joined our team.

    We prepared our def for attacks that never came. I received some (just) criticism from Vanguard members for letting the pressure off on Wonder and the Russians.

    The council granted me a free hand in choosing targets now that we were far ahead in the lead. I brought JNNCK up to speed on everything we planned to do for the rest of the server and he made the remaining off plans with some oversight. We segregated our WW hammers and scouted all remaining Wonder hammers (they HAD to come for us at SOME point right?). We decided to go after the smaller hammers and then destroy their large hammers once they started spreading def again.

    Operation 7 Part 1: The Midas Touch [Server Day 136 // 6th November 2020]

    JNNCK was entering GT entries for our next op and I was giving him small adjustments to improve it. Our target would be FXWilliwaller (finally) – his hammer was initially at 2006 but he settled a 15c cap later in the server 2010. We decided to simply capture his non-cap hammer and destroy his capital –the same we attempted at Dreadious.

    Funnily enough, the GT entries were made for 2 days-prior by accident and JNNC was supposed to change the date. We never launch off ops without confirmation messages to individual players but Ikaben accidentally sent 2 fakes and his real hit(rammer) before the entries changed (he had opened to the ‘Plan’ page and he didn’t refresh GT till much after we changed the entry times.)

    Oh how we laughed!!

    Operation 7 Part 2: [Server Day 140 // 10th Nov 2020]

    We planned to 0-pop Ice cap (rebuilt) and chief C.C. again [repeating the first op] but an off plan member had a family emergency so we just cancelled the op & decided to go for Design and Ramez hammers after this.

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    Operation 8: WW & Design Cap [Server Day 143 // 13th Nov 2020]

    Blade zeroed one of Wonder’s WW much to our dismay (we wanted to zero both). So we went for the other one while it was still standing.

    2 targets:

    1. Design capital
    2. 0/0 WW

    Target 1 Result: Design capital

    Scout report of design’s capital hammer [Server Day 136]

    Rammer 1 – JNNCK

    Rammer 2 - Zandrino (made a secondary hammer after the Dreadious exchanges)

    Rammer 3 – Ikaben

    Rammer 4 – Far

    Sweep 1 – Spike

    Sweep 2 – Bels

    Destroy message

    Pt 2: next post

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    Operation 8: WW & Design Cap [Server Day 143 // 13th Nov 2020] Pt. 2

    WW reports

    WW Rammer 1 – EBH

    WW Wall Sweep – Kakashi

    WW cata 1 – Tusko

    WW cata 2 – Scheise (Def player turned off mid-server because of boredom)

    WW cata 3 – Niaseer

    WW cata 4 – Skydevils

    WW cheifs 1 – Zapdos

    WW cheifed – Niaseer

    Cost of Doing Business – Zapdos (ignore this - this report is for 2 people and they know who they are)

    [I thought Niaseer forgot to send chiefs but she sent them at ram speed instead of cata after I sent an extra cheif]

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    Operation 9 Pt 1: Burning all our off [Server Day 143 // 13th Nov 2020]

    VP Ranks :1. Vanguard 2. Blade 3. Wonder

    Our WW was level 99 queued to 100 first. Blade had WWs #2 and #3. We were certain of the win & we were reasonably confident that Blade would finish second irrespective of any actions by Wonder. Since it was the last day we didn’t bother with any fakes.

    We had enough off for another WW run but Wonder’s WWs were very low level (21 at Syllendel & 5 at Design) so we split our hammers to hit 3 WWs – 2 of Wonder and 1 belonging to Blade.

    These decisions were based on a few assumptions (all terrible):

    • Wonder would finally throw all their hammers at our WW to deny us the chance to complete the server
    • Blade would have less def at their WW [Wonder had stolen lots of treasures from Blade 2-3 days ago]

    We intended to chief both Wonder WWs again and push a few level off one of Blades so we’d have 2 WWs in the Top 3. For our non-WW hammers we wanted to finish off Wonder’s last sizeable hammer at Ramez (0-popping) and chief Xarila’s non-cap hammer (only other non-cap hammer left to chief was C.C. & we didn’t want to repeat targets)

    Our results:

    Target 1 – Syllendel WW

    We didn’t use a conventional rammer because Skydevils had 1000 rams & we assumed Wonder would have very low def left.

    The WW was level 21 when he launched but someone zeroed it a few hours after launch.

    Quintus was supposed to land behind Skydevils but he saw the plan very late so we didn’t send chiefs behind.

    So this ended up as a solo WW run for Skydevils:

    Target 2 – Design WW

    Rammer – Kanarya

    Sweep – Poppers

    CSM’s revenge:


    Pratik – [report missing]

    The def was cleared again but we messed up the cheifing somehow [didn’t bother to reconcile]

    Target 3: Blade’s WW [held by Rocket]

    Gentlemen rammer:

    Rammer 1 – Jayre

    Rammer 2 - JNNCK secondary hammer

    [JNNCK started settled this village ~15 days before WW spawn & used this to clear the WW natars but he just ran with it]

    WW cata 1 – Zapdos

    WW cata 2 – Fishy

    WW cata 3 – Scaletta

    [Reports missing – Fishy & Scaletta’s chiefs // not important as Blade super-deffed their WW – they had moved all their def from Ts to the WWs to confirm second place which is where they placed comfortably]

    [Fishy & Scaletta also had ~600 catas headed to Ramez & Xarila- more on that later]

  • (14/16)

    Operation 9 Pt 2: Burning all our off [Server Day 143 // 13th Nov 2020]

    Target 4 – Xarila non cap hammer

    We had last spotted this hammer on 23rd Oct [Server Day 122] - 20k swords + 10k Haeduan + cata

    Sweep - Spike (no def anyway)

    Sweep – Zskids (def + scout player)

    Sweep - Zapdos secondary

    [There was a palace & Xarila didn’t bother to switch caps on the last day???]

    Chief – Zapdos

    Chiefs – Zapdos

    [Xarila survived on 1% loyalty – but was cheifed hours later by Pratik solo!!]

    Later Chiefs – Pratik [reports missing]

  • (15/16)

    Operation 9 Pt 3: Burning all our off [Server Day 143 // 13th Nov 2020]

    Target 5: Ramez cap hammer

    Ramez was Rank 1 robber for every (day of every) week of the year except week 1 (rank 3) – surely a brilliant, opportunistic, talented guy. Anyway, he was on a 100% 15c since Day 1 so he probably had a bigger hammer than Design. Here are the reports:

    Rammer 1 – Ikaben

    Rammer 2 – Far

    Rammer 3 – Pogisijep

    Sweep – Quantum

    The Result

    Since there were no fakes they deffed hard with what they had left outside of WWs.

    They inserted troops between 2 seconds of waves & these insertions succeeded – Ramez’s capital fell from ~1750 to ~450 pop but survived!

    Troops inserted between waves:

    Some extra hits from the last day:


  • (16/16)

    Closing Notes

    These off plans wouldn’t have been possible without our wonderful team!!

    Special thanks to those who were there from Op 1 to Op 7: these ops probably won us the server!

    Rammers & Sweeps: EBH, JNNCK, Zandrino, Gentlemen, Jayre, Ikaben, Spike, The Ghost, Bels, Poppers

    Catas & Cheifs Team: Tusko, Niaseer, Quintus, Fishy, Scaletta, DarkKnightDTA, Scheise, Sufrix

    TT hammers: Brush Monkey + kumar/3 dogs

    Special Mentions also for: Ludwich, Lillu, Zskids, & Fishy (again) – exceptional scouting – never failed to get us a scout report (except the one time someone sent 200 scouts instead of 2000).

    [Between defending Cesko and the relentless scouting, we had fresh numbers on almost every Wonder hammer every 3 weeks or so…]

    Comments in advance:

    Some people will claim we used a 250 player super-alliance to beat Wonder – all my off plans had less than 25 members until the last days/ Op 8-9 when we burnt all our off. They were the same group from Op 1 to Op 7 as named above. Wonder just didn’t send enough scouts or planned any decent def maneuvers – they deffed at random & got lucky at Theezakje (broken clock – twice/day).

    I never made a GT entry for a player outside of Vanguard. We coordinated with Blade and No Grow only on Op 1 – I did not message Blade again till the end of the server (By Op 3 No Grow was absorbed by Vanguard anyway).

    Towards the end there were lots of comments made to Vanguard players (not to me personally) on the Forum and in-game - EBH told me I could just ignore everything and proceed as I see fit - whatever they said was of zero consequence as I only read it all properly after the server end

    Annexure 1:

    When Dave came to us – we defended Loveland to prevent Wonder gaining access to a third WW. We defended him twice – Blade and No Grow only defended him the first time as they suspected Vanguard did not def Dave the first time^. The probability of a fallout between the 3 kingdoms had gone up significantly before the first off op but Wonder slowed their pace on Loveland and once we got the first op, in their attention turned southward.

    ^ we intentionally created a troop-limit for each player as we decided to send def very early – as a result only No Grow and Blade def players get in the top10 def ranks that week (Vanguard def points were spread thinly over all our players). No one bothered to see that the def points change in kingdom points was nearly the same across all 3 – our technique had worked too well.

    Annexure 2:

    When Wonder started hitting Cesko – we deffed them because we had become friends with their leaders [though I’m sure some will claim otherwise]. Cesko’s leader Cool&Crazy can confirm that we were not interested in their treasures & didn’t give any instructions to any of their hammers & never spoke about sharing def. [We discussed tactics/server situation in general but Cool&Crazy always chose his own targets for real & fakes]

    Thanks to everyone who participated for an extremely interesting round!

    All the best for future servers!

    Seemo (com7 - Regicide)

    Zapdos (com8 - Vanguard)