Attack vs Farmlist Filter

  • There should be a filter in the Rally Point for both outgoing farm list and for outgoing attack. When a player has 600 farm list raids going out and sends an attack or raid individually and then wants to cancel it, it takes too long to find it and when you do the attack can no longer be cancelled.

    Even a filter for outgoing attack and outgoing raid would be preferable to what we now have.


    EDIT: Originally from BeshoZU in discussion with Mugen#EN

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  • Thank you very much, another issue to discuss in the team.

    It sounds logical, so why not?

    My questions would be, how do you want it implemented?

    Where exactly and in what format?

  • how about an ability in outbound and inbound troop movements to click separately for farmlist driven raids/attacks vs those sent separately / individually? That data exists clearly because you can see in reports if the raid was from farm lists or those sent separately.

    While at it - would be great if you could track where the hero is in outbound/inbound troop movements?

    Or at the very list if I click the button outbound to track a separate attack that tag carries over when back in inbound?

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    It should be in the Rally Point as it is now.


    Add one more tab to make two overviews. A Raid Overview and an Attack Overview.

    Then under the next tabs

    pasted-from-clipboard.pngAdd a Hero tab to locate hero easily. This for when the hero is sent alone or with troops.

    The world is a funny place, don't forget to laugh,

    Out playing with your momma!