I wish harsher punishments for MAing/botting + some game rule clarifications

  • A another form of multi's that need to be seen is when players make 2-3 more accounts at the start, then abandon them for an easy local farm. They stay active on the multi for the first few chaotic weeks then let the account go grey after gathering hundreds of thousands of easy res off of it. I've seen a few rounds where it was obvious a few players were doing this, but never got punished for it as far as I could see.

  • I like this discussion and a lot of good options and reasons have been given, but for me, I rather see some improvement or actual feedback, than just talking about it.
    I know that you (Unknown), only can tell the team behind, regarding all this feedback. But it would really be encouraging to hear if any of these options are actually being thought about, and not just more talk, because a lot of these cheaters has a long reputation, and most people know who they are already, but we still continue to see them every single server. So it is kind of discouraging to see.

    Rather want to see to too "harsh" punishments than none at all, as it can be tweaked, down the line.

    Well, yes, things are been discussed and improvements happen.

    I cannot go into detail or specifics, but, just to mention an example.

    In the past each CSR would deal with cases based on their own experience and criteria, now there is a guideline to deal with cases in an uniform manner all over the different domains.

    That is a very good first step towards improvements.