Planned maintenance with downtime on Thursday 12:00 pm

  • Dear players,

    we will roll out a hotfix upcoming Thursday, Dec 3rd, at 12:00 pm CET (noon). The downtime will be less than 30 minutes, please plan your crop consumption accordingly.

    • Players reported an exploit that was showing the attack type and attacking village within a kingdom.
    • This information was encoded and only shown in the background of the browser.
    • Players found this out and created a script to decode this information.

    We are grateful and highly appreciate every one of you helping us finding and reporting these kind of exploits. Thank you!

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

  • I find it very concerning how you are knowingly allowing players to continue playing on a server which contains such an exploit.
    The reason being is that many of us have spent a lot of money on this server, and we don't pay money for an unfair advantage.

  • "This information was encoded ...." ХАХАХАХАХАХАХА

    Отследить игроков которые этим пользовались невозможно. Скажите спасибо, что оперативно пофиксили.

    Google translete "It is impossible to track the players who used this. Say thanks for the quick fix."

    И треснул мир напополам, дымит разлом, И льётся кровь, идёт война добра со злом.

  • It is something that happened, we cannot deny it.

    But as soon as we found out we did something about it. But to be able to install it we first have to test it and make sure it does what it has to do and doesn't "break" anything else.

    Again, we thought that been transparent was the best policy here.

    I am really sorry for any inconvenience it may have caused you.

    67-hahu-2021-signature-banner-png  Time to trick & treat  Oct, 5 :bats:bbash-handshaketeuton-strong

  • We can at least thank you for your transparency. Thank you :)

  • With the new patch robber attacks show up as red on the map ("flashNotification" code value changed).
    Could you please confirm if this was an intentional, but undocumented change, or we should file a bug report?

    To be honest, I had not noticed, thank you very much for reporting it.

    I have passed it on to the team of devs and they will work on it.