• Hi

    What is the purpose that during the truce the troops don't starve, instead of just stopping the consumption of crop?

    I mean, the troops are not starving, but are they still consuming crop. ¿Why? That makes no sense. :/

    That would save players having to station their troops in gray villages.

  • This convinces players not to train more troops that will just starve once truce lifts. Players expects others does the same.

    Full-mental players push training and send all troops together on 1 suicide mission to biggest target they would find.

    Hope it won't be sieges, else it will be "Fireworks" after the truce.

  • Or, you send all your troops to your own smallest village, so you control it completely.

    That way you build up crop in the rest of your villages.

    The only thing you have to do is plan your timing so you have the troops back in its normal place before starvation starts again. Win - win here. :)