Map markers

  • Hello, it is a little stupid when I cannot see or remove a marker while my kingdom puts something there. For better explanation:

    1. When I put a color marker on a field and my kingdom puts there something afterward, I cannot see it.

    2. When I want to remove my marker, where I know that the kingdom marked it, I have to go to the list of all markers and remove it from there.

    The solutions could be:

    1. two markers at the same time - divided by half or stripes with both colors (in my opinion the best solution)

    2. the kingdom's marker on the top (that one is more important)

    3. or at least a message from the system that something like this happened


    Picture - the field that the kingdom marked blue I see as green...

    I know it is probably not a problem for many players, but when a solution is applied it would not be a problem for anybody.

    Thanks, Godal.

  • I had the same issue :)

    I like the "solution 1 from Godal" :
    two markers at the same time - divided by half or stripes with both colors

    I would like to add :
    On the map filters, the "Your marks" filter, seems to take in both MY marks, and my KINGDOM's marks, and I don't like it.

    I would love to have more filters as follow :
    - Kingdom's borders (already exist, good)
    - Your marks (but ONLY MINES, not my kingdom's ones)
    - Kingdom's marks (NEW)

    - Capitals (already exist, good)
    - Game's messages (already exist, good)
    - Your messages (already exist, good)
    - Kingdom's messages (NEW)
    - Treasures (already exist, good)

    Not to ignore my kingdom's marks, but just to easyly see what I marked just for the few seconds I want to look it.

    And, if we select for example BOTH "Your marks" and "Kingdom's marks", we get the "stripes with both colors" proposed by Godal.
    This way we won't miss that the kingdom overwritten something.