Christmas customs

  • Each culture, each country or even each region has different ways to celebrate this special time of the year.

    Some are celebrating their faith, their believes, others simply the fact that they have some free days to get together with their families.

    For example, where I am from, we don’t have father Christmas or Santa Clause, we have the Olentzero, that gives presents the night of the 24th to the 25th of December. Legend says that it is an old charcoal burner that was very good at doing things with his hands and he usually made toys for children of his village, that gave birth to the tradition of Olentzero in the Basque culture.

    But it is not the normal thing, as the custom is that the night of the 5th ot the 6th of January the Wise men (or how they are called here the "3 Magic Kings", Melchor, Baltasar y Gaspar) leave presents for the kids all over Spain and Latin countries.

    Christmas is very long here, they start at the beginning of December, there are several bank holidays and each is usually taken for a different thing. At the beginning of the month there are a few days typically used to set up the nativity, now a days is more likely to be the Christmas tree. The next weekend is taken to prepare the different Christmas cakes, each region has different ones and usually the family gathers to prepare them together, grannies, uncles, unties, cousins, everyone.

    And then the 24th, 25th of December, and the 5th and 6th of January not only the families gather to eat together, but they as well go and visit other parts of the families that could not come, as extended families are too long, so different cousins, uncles/unties, etc have to go with their own families, so it is typical to visit all of them usually in the homes of the eldest members of each family.

    My family has already done the Christmas cakes and set up the tree, but sadly this year we cannot gather as normal due to the pandemic we all are suffering, so each family is going to have their own small version of Christmas and we will not be able to visit each other, for that we will have our mobiles and video conferencing.

    But we are still going to celebrate that we have managed to reach the end of this difficult year and toss for a better one to come.

    And you?

    What are the customs in your area? What does your family do?

    What plans do you have?

  • In Germany today is the start of Chrismas and the day is called "Heiligabend". This afternoon the Christ Child/Angel or Santa Claus bring gits.

    Especially the children are very excited. There is a Christmas tree and a lot of families are singing Christmas songs.

    Normally it starts for a lot of families in the church with a worship but this year only a few take place in very big church's.

    On 25th and 26th December are the first and second Christmas Day, normally with a lot of visits within the family, what is difficult this year as well. For myself, as I'm not able to visit my parents, we will have a video call.

    How do you celebrate christmas?


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