WW suppliers awarding

  • Dear all developers,

    i have a great suggestion to all of you. actually two.

    i as a WW holder, would greatly appreciate if i could name not only top3, but lets say at least top5 or top10 suppliers for the WW. we alll know how difficult it is to maintain WW constructions running. here the help in terms of resources is needed. and without this it is not possible to run smoothly through WW levels.

    the same apply for crop supply. we all know as well, how difficult it is to keep troops in WW alive, even though they consume half the crop there than when at home.

    i appreciate every help given when building the WW. and i would like to pass it on people, players, who really do care and support with reources and crop constantly.

    i would like to ask you, developers, by this way, would it be possible to create some kind of badge for the suppliers as well?

    attackers get badges, defenders get badges, WW holder can get a badge...

    i would like to share this with the suppliers as well. as they are important into the same extend as the others 8)

    Thanks for at least considering my ideas/suggestions.



  • That is a very interesting suggestion.

    Thank you very much. The team will discuss it and see the options.

    What does everyone else thinks about it?

    Do you have any idea how to implement it? Or any idea that would affect it?

  • Two separate things to gabi's suggestion:

    a) When you click on WW you can see the top three contributors. Make that a tab and in the tab allow WW owner to see the top 10 providers - and total resources and maybe a separate tab for total crop supplied.

    b) Create Badges for top supplier to WW; Top 3 supplier; Top 10 supplier to WW; maybe separate for Crop vs Resources.