Rally point

  • So I dont really know if someone mentioned this or not!
    I have a suggestion that I believe many will support

    Imagine one of my villages that consistently farms gets reinforced with troops from other players to block an attack and I want to check who sent me troops and when will they land, it becomes nearly impossible to find those reinforcements among the other 900 reinforcements that I'm getting from farming. The same goes for the outbound attacks, it really tests my patience to find the attacks that i sent and skip the raids.

    My suggestion:
    1) INBOUND

    We need a tab for reinforcement from other players and another tab for reinforcements from my other villages (We should make it like one button for Reinforcements and we we click on it we find other three options to choose from 1. Reinforcements of this specific village 2. Reinforcements of my other villages 3. Reinforcements of other players)


    We need a whole different tab for raiding and another one for attacking (When we press the attacking tab we get another two options to choose from 1. siege attacks 2.normal attack)


    Just like when we press on different reports


    We get multiple other options that we didnt have before pressing on it


    Well thats it for me. Happy new year everyone and please take in consideration what i suggested because it will improve the rally point so much. It is really lackluster right now and terrible.

  • I dont know what is the hard part of implementing this when they already have the same feature in the report tab. All they need to do is to write the same code for the rally point, no need to create anything new.

    Let's hope this time they will consider my suggestion; I can't stand the rally point at its current state

  • Thank you very much for the suggestion.

    That is interesting, it would make things a lot easier.

    We will discuss it in the team.

    Anyone has any idea that would want us to implement regarding this suggestions for the rally point, or the way to do so?

  • Something like that could really make a change along with a showcase of new ideas suggested by players.

    These ideas could then be commented by devs and managers of TK and then put into voting.

    Plausible improvements can then be voted by winning kingdoms of servers and players with much prestige to see how popular the idea is.

    If the task seems to big to achieve, then the informed parts could share the difficulties of the problems like limits of the system or source codes weak points to a larger audience, then who knows..Magical things might happen ;)