[Finished] Choose your Night Truce Time - CT - Central time

  • Hey all, this is really exciting. Playing last year on Com2nx3 was something of a challenge since I did not live in that timezone, but I made due and we were able to pull 2nd on that server through a series of luck and chance encounters with some amazing players. It's something that I cherished.

    With that being said - I'm very excited for a Night Truce server that will be timed so that U.S. players can enjoy it slightly easier.
    After a few discussions - Chiefs Kingdom is planning on joining. If you are interested in joining feel free to send me a private message.

    As the round moves closer we will post a new Embassy topic that will be a little more formal and organized.

    As I said, this is something that is very exciting. I hope that there will be a demand for these specialty servers. I also hope that through that demand that Travian Kingdoms will be more open to allowing Night Truce servers on various continents around the world.

    I would also appreciate it if a moderator or game designer could confirm that the round will be played Central Time - thanks.

    We look forward to seeing you there.

    Take care, because I care,


  • I'm shocked by this smartest person. He puts a vote in which as many as 35 people vote! And then when this server starts, several thousand people will suffer. Why weren't there any messages about this vote in the game worlds? It's just some kind of trash where you found this figure, he just finishes this game!

  • @Любалюб#RU

    Some trash? They are trying a server that is focused on a different timezone. This is the first night truce round that is friendly to those in North and South America. In previous night servers the truce expires around 3 am. For most people in Eurasia this server's night truce will expire around the time that people are either getting off of work, or close to it. This is beneficial for those players as well.

    Additionally, you can upset about the vote, but it was still going to be a time server that was focused on North and South America. +/-4 hours. Maybe one of those worked better for you.

    But for the players that I've been in contact with in Europe and in North and South America they are excited for this round.

    If you want to play a night truce server so bad that is in your favor - don't worry that much - you'll get every other one.

    Birthday Bash is in 2 months and it's a Night Truce X3 that will be focused on the UTC +/-0 timezone.

    When there is a server that you don't like - there is an easy solution - just play a different one.

  • We will make 10 Birthday Bash servers for each time zone in which there will be 100-200 players)) This is fantastic)

    I give predicate to 300 players together with multi-accounts

  • We will make 10 Birthday Bash servers for each time zone in which there will be 100-200 players)) This is fantastic)

    I give predicate to 300 players together with multi-accounts

    That is not what I said. I said that the Birthday Bash servers will be +/-0 UTC. I'm not sure why you went to a reductio ad absurdum argument to infer such a bold claim.
    If there is enough demand some day you might get a Night Truce server that is based off of your timezone, or close to your timezone.

    From what I can tell, the only issue that you have with this server is that it isn't in your favor?

    Which brings me back to my last point on the last post - just play a different server.

    I hope that some day you have a night truce server that is in your timezone, if that is what you would like.

  • Perhaps. Other countries and time zones get night servers. Let's have a look.

    Turkey has 2. - 1,193 players.

    France has 1 - 200 players.

    Germany has 2 - 1,004 players.

    Italy has 2 - 428 players.

    Czech Republic has 2 - 997 players.

    Arabia has 2 - 525 players.

    I'm sure that one of those servers is close to your timezone.

    We haven't had one on this side of the world ever. Can you appreciate that? Travian Games giving a night server to a whole segment of their players for the first time ever.

    This is a first. Travian is trying to expand their market - and I think that this is a good move on their part.

    You can bemoan and act oppressed all that you would like because of the mere existence of a server. I'm just pointing out the facts.

    Back to main point #1 from every post so far. If you take issue with a specific server - don't play it. It's such an incredibly easy solution.

    Oh - maybe you don't like night servers in general? Another solution there - just don't play them.

    Do you get onto all of the other Night Truce server forum posts that I mentioned above - all 11 of them - and complain that it's ruining the game? Do you advocate for the thousands of players that will "suffer", as you allege, because of these special night servers that are country specific?

    I don't think so.

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  • I personally am very happy to finally see a Night Truce time zone that is close to mine, instead of the complete opposite.

    I think there are more players who would enjoy this time zone then it might appear on surface.

    With that being said, every single person I have mentioned this to has no idea this server is happening.

    This is the first of it's kind, right? This is a big deal on the scale of things. I'd hate to see this server not succeed simply because people didn't know.

    Unknown as a Community Manager, what are you plans to ensure that this server is properly communicated?

    Can we at the very least update the Announcement thread to include this Time Zone information?