Matchmaking COM4 - February 2021

  • Dear players,

    we all know it's sometimes hard without a good sitter or dual. Therefore we have this section dedicated to find a good team to play with.

    Sitters can play on the same game round, Duals cannot have an own avatar on the same round. You can enable and restrict Gold usage for both. One avatar can have 2 Sitters and 2 Duals in total.

    Write a comment here, if you:

    • Search for a Sitter or Dual
    • Offer to be a Sitter or Dual for someone else
    • Search for a whole team
    • Already have a team and you still have some vacancies open
    • Offer to be a mentor and teach some interested new players how to play

    or any combination of the listed points.

    Sharpen your swords and let the hunting begin,

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

  • Here we go!

    I am Lauranna Queen of D4•C4 , The Queen´s Gambit Team.

    We reunite an excellent core of players for this round, I can say they are all my friends from previous servers that I will have a huge pleasure to have in only one Kingdom!

    I am excited for this round.

    We wont be meta, but a small bad ass Kingdom.

    I promiss nothing but fun... lets splat... destroy.. and conquer.

    After all, that Travian is about: Action!

    If you are thinking join this Server, you wont regret.

    As I know, more teams will join.

    So I hope will be a dinamic server.


    - The Queen


  • Thinking to play this round in offensive mode, I have tried multiple rounds to get to know kingdoms a bit.

    I come from the legends series.

    I might add a dual on my account so if interested let me know

    Happy game,

  • start tomorrow, do you have discord? what is needed?