Few ideas to add to the game

  • Since there has been some requests to share our ideas how to improve the game, then here is my vision of making the game a bit more captivating.

    The current version of travian kingdoms lets players build their own villages that collectively make up a kingdom, but what I would like to see is that they can also build some infrastructural elements for the whole kingdom. But what could these elements be? ...Well as we know from history then the romans were famous for their roadbuilding skills and quality roads let their empire to be connected better and supply their armies on far away conquests. What if this feature could be applied to the game by having all roman players able to invest in paving their kingdoms roads so the effect would be maybe a 1% faster army and merchants traveling speed inside kindoms borders. This effect would be cumulative so if there are 20 roman players in kingdom that have built the roads buidling or maybe bought the road feature in mainbuilding or embassy then every member of a kingdom gets 20% faster traveling inside kingdom borders.

    The other tribes could have an effect on overall attack strength and defense strength in a similiar manner. Or maybe gauls could slow incoming attacks down as a part of their traps feature and teutons raise defense strength.

    Another idea would be a new type of troop that can also wield hero items so every village could hide troops with chicken boots or send troops between kingdom or own villages faster. This troop should be limited to 1 for every village. Another possibility is to have extra hero if primary hero reaches level 100, but that negates the effect of being able to defend every village troops on earlier stages of game.

    Also some buildings outside of villages such as watchtower that could detect if the incoming attacks are real or fake from kingdom borders onward or a building, where you can hide your army so a swifter attack can be made with the downside of not having defense bonus there. Could be found out by randomly checking empty fields with a scout. These building could be built for CP by a type of troop like settler , only called an engineer.

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  • Interesting, I specially like the one where different players with different tribes can give different benefits to the Kingdom.

    Some of the ideas, although I must admit I like them, worry me. More than anything because I wonder if it would be too OP for bigger Kingdoms.

    What does everyone else think?

    Do you like it?

  • Well, that's why we need to set a cap for these benefits so big kingdoms can't make it too OP
    But overall i like the idea as it makes the game more interesting and with more quests to achieve rather than just teaming up to build WW in the late game, we can start teaming up to build other stuff in the early game too.

  • The roads are fun. The question is what would it look like? Collection of resources in "some place"? And the king activates the lvle roads? And certainly not 1%, because it's stupid: P Minimum 10%

    Attack and defense bonus from Gauls and Germanics? How would that work?

    Only if there were such bonuses, the kingdoms would attack each other less often. Players would be afraid to lose OFF.

    My all servers:

    PL4.2 = win, PL3.3 = win, PL5.3 = 2 place, COM1.6 = 2 place, COM3.7 = 2 place, PL1.5 = win, COM3.9 = win, COM2x3 = WIN :P

  • Travian legends has some features of collectively paying resources for some effects... this could be done the same way and this would work as some kingdom wide quest aswell.

    Effects on attack and defense strength might not be most optimal..maybe teutons and gauls could affect incoming attack speed and crop production instead.

    I would love to see also if incoming attacks could be intercepted on the way or terrain could affect the fighting strength and every tribe has some bonus on different types of terrains. But I doubt that these kinds of improvements will be implemented since it would probably need some complicated coding and even more strain on the servers that are already struggling with the game in its current state of regular lag waves.

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    :/wether to game or to get gamed;)

    :)There lies the question:S

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  • more races. the only thing that travian has is replayability.

    add more races, people will play them.

    I am not saying that the races are strong, just add.

    here rejubality is the most important.

    I've seen a lot of good ideas here, and I've also shared them.

    this game is almost 20 years old with the same 3 classes / races.

    when a similar game comes out with more races, everyone will go there and it will be the end of this.

    travian was always the mainstay game of this company ... but it is better to make more trains : D

    I repeat it again.

    do not spend, they will do nothing...

  • 1era#ES I agree, give us some new buildings and tribes to play with. We won't accept any more excuses!

    No one wants trains booo :thumbdown:

    Maybe because there isn't competition for this type of game, Tribal Wars is worse I think so I will stay here for now

    I agree we can have a goal for the whole kingdom to work on, but its just a small add on it won't change the game much

  • Thank you very much for the insight into what you think would improve things.

    We are going to discuss it and see how this could be worked on.

    I cannot make promises though, it is not easy to implement this type of changes, as Cincinnati commented correctly.

  • Sounds great!

    I suggest another changes in the game.

    Send troops who are defending a village directly to another village without coming back to the village where belongs. It can make the game harder.

    Another one is that troops can be reasigned to another village like the hero does.

    (Pardon my english)

  • Quote

    that they can also build some infrastructural elements for the whole kingdom. But what could these elements be? .

    What about an "Outpost"? Settled in a same way as a village (limited by culture points or similar etc) but only a holding place for troops. Kingdoms could position them around their area to extend the influence beyond the treasuries. Outposts can be attacked / defended by other Kingdoms to gain /lose area.

  • I really like the idea of a player being able to consolidate their troops as off players typically need to be more active than other players.

    To balance this I would suggest this can only be done for level 20 troops so that time has been spent and also resource.

    This stops level 1 troops becoming level 20 for free essentially.

    But it also means when Off players lose their hammers they are less likely to leave the server as they can regain their troop numbers quicker meaning more immersive experience in Travian kingdoms.

    Another Idea that may be useful would be the use of a general to also add this mechanic,.

    Maybe the general can level up just like the hero and allow for a certain amount of troops to consolidate each level every 24 hours if the devs/other players are worried about monster hammers.

    *Edit* Ok so vefore i forget the general slots for upgrading could be as follows




    *reduce 24/h delay for the above consolidation to 20h at level 100?

    This is my first time back to Travian since a very long time and I'm glad to have found the Kingdom servers as it is something fresh

  • Mmmm it worries me that it could make some offensive accounts too over powered...

    What do you feel about this possibility? Merging troops, specially offensive could be dangerous in that front...

  • Unknown - I agree merging troops maybe making hammers super powerful - especially with you folks spending a lot of time hunting multi-accounts which do some version of this - will only make this worse.

    But merging only level 20 troops restricts it as suggested


    you make it that to merge troops

    1. you need a new building in every village which contributes e.g. a Castra of minimum level 10 (see Roman Castrum) that needs a lot of resources to build,

    2. Remember the building can be cata-ed down by rival kingdoms - and if so your merged troops demerge (can see a bit of implementation challenge e.g. track attack separately at village level like defenses)

    3. and a Castra can have a minimum level of stable and barracks before you can build...

    To get carried away, maybe level 10 Castrum allows you to merge your village troops with one other level 10 castrum for infantry only

    level 15 castrum allows you to merge horses

    Level 20 castrum allows you to merge catas as well

  • Also the amount of troops merged could be limited to a certain number per 24 hours to stop massive hammers so it could be done like a party system as well where you spend x amount of resource to then add x amount of troops from one village to another (this number will be what the developers feel to be balanced)

    It has the potential to add so much to a game where it is already strategically sound. If this would to be tested/developed some how in the future it would be really interesting to see how players use this system during alliance wars :D!

    *idea from friend*

    He suggested maybe the building should be like a residence or treasury where you cannot gold the building either ?

    So it is a mid/late game tool

    **Another edit (sorry)**

    Another balancing thought would be that the amount of troops is linked to the CROP consumption of that unit so you will not have a situation where you could add 500 EC and another player adds 500 mace for the same cost/time

    so as an example lets say you could consolidate 500crop every24hour at the cost of 10k of each resource

    you could either chose to:

    select 125 EC


    select 500Imp

    Thank you guys for replying it is really cool to talk about these topics.

  • Merging Troops

    I played on a Legends "Path to Pandora" server last year that had this function. When merging troops you had to pay the same amount in resources as it cost to build them....i.e.effectively making those troops double the price (bit like a Great Stable/Barracks). Instead of resources you could use Gold but there was a limit you could spend each day (and hence a limit on troop numbers per day). For me, playing mainly def, the cost was not worth it other than to tidy up a few troops here and there (but I am not the biggest Gold spender).

    I can see that it would be a more valuable when building a hammer. But I agree that limits should be imposed to avoid the concept of "buying a hammer".

    I am not sure how many servers this has been used in Legends but I presume there is some experience / insight around as to how it affected the game play etc.

  • There are a lot of ideas to try.

    For example, you can only move the troops from your main village to others (not in the other way)

    Or at least as I said, the posibility of move troops from one village to another without going back to the village ( players A, B and C send troops as reinforcement to village D, with the idea of a multiple attack to village X, each player manage their own troops, so they can be like a hammer)

    And the crazy Idea, is to sell troops in the market, as mercenaries :D:D:/