• It's not about programming, I think it would be super easy to add additional code,

    it's about balance in the game,

    it would need to test the changes properly and thoroughly to check if the gameplay balance is violated with adding new tribes,

    and that takes a lot of time and resources,

    and it would be too much of an effort for this game.

    hmm I dont know.. They could start test servers that run simultaneously to the normal worlds but with the new tribes implemented. There they could be tested with help of the community and once they feel balanced, they can be released onto the normal servers. TK already had test servers for new features and balancing the new tribes cant be too hard since every tribe has 10 kinds of troops (well 8 that need balancing because chief and settlers dont really need balancing) and every troop has 5 stats (plus crop consumption which isnt too hard to think about) and resources. The developers should have enough experience to instantly roughly know the right stats so its kinda balanced from start and the details like 5 attack more/less can be worked out through test servers and community feedback.

    Here is obviously a large community ready and waiting for new tribes, so they are eager to help and give feedback. I know I am :D

    And lack of ideas for new tribes/troops is really not a problem. Im on this forum for roughly a week now and Ive seen many great ideas that I would like to see implemented right now regarding new tribes. And even more genereal ideas, but this is the wrong thread for that.

  • They suck when it comes to taking advice, its not about the code, they only care about Travian Legends <X

    The whole idea of new tribes was brought up years ago.. nothing done about it ;(

    What is the reason for why they only care about travian legends in your opinion? I saw you stating this in some other thread and I just dont want to believe that it is true. Especially since a game like TK doesnt really need that much development resources and travian games as a company has already exceeded such small numbers. Travian Games is a fairly big company nowadays so I cant imagine that they arent able to spare or employ some people taking care of and further developing TK constantly.

    Ive been playing TK on and off for quite some years now and I know that reality paints a sad picture in terms of new content for TK... But I am still hoping for change :/

    Id wish for officials to state something CONCRETE, some facts about future development plans or just anything substantial. Sadly nothing but "we ll look into it and discuss it", "thats a nice idea" etc.

    Transparency is so important because it lets people be excited about upcoming stuff but also understanding about why something cant be implemented or stuff is taking a long time etc.

    Please, if anyone of you guys from travian reads this, unknown or any of you... Give us something to be ready for, to wait for and to hope for. Or just bad news. If you cant develop anything because you dont earn enough revenue with TK, tell us. At least its something substantial and we are a little bit smarter...

    Maybe there is a lot of transparency and I havent found it yet - please show me :).. Otherwise, read whats is stated above.

  • sure, but travian legends is almost 20 years old.

    almost 20 years for two additional classes?

    wait calmly those races in this game: 3

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  • Well, I can say that the fact that we care only about Legends is not true.

    The Legends team will only care about Legends, the same as the Kingdoms team only cares about Kingdoms, they are different games with different people.

    I would say that the main reason not to include more tribes is because for now we want to differentiate a game from the other. I am not saying never, but for now we are taking different directions.

    A good thing is that, even if they are similar as they were born from the same seed, they are now very different games that requires different game play or style.

    We want to try and keep it that way. :)

    Regarding novelties and transparency, we are working on the first and we are trying to do our best on the second... I think we are doing alright with it... but of course, we have room for improvement and we will be working on that.

  • having more tribes will improve the game drastically as it attracts more people to play the game, furthermore more different army build and type will make the game more colorful, travian already 20 years old and the same old play style still goes on like this, okayyy teuton lets mass up clubs to whack others, we can come out with more other tribes like those mentioned above, and gives more unique tribes abilities, for example a tribe has unique traits like bonus infantry or cavalry during defense , a permanent one, and some tribes have lesser crops consumption rate from troops , maybe 15% lesser for each troops..Also maybe some tribes has advantages on building, -15% construction time bonus

    For now its dull, its either you have a good number of armies, and a good wall + ditch wins the fight, and also top up gold to speed up thing ..its dull!

  • As usual, nothing new, just words that mean nothing. "we have a different path, they want more players and gold and do new things and advertise their project, we also want a lot of money and players, but we will not do anything, we will just sit and discuss on the forum and do nothing. It's just our way and we must go through it together. "

  • It is true that it is becoming a little monotonous at this point to have only 3 tribes accessible.

    It is not so hard to come up with new tribes, you just need to add some distinctive trait (one good, one bad) to an existing gameplay.

    There is so much possibilites.

    For instance, largely desired Egyptians could have trait to be able to build crop field above level 10 in villages.

    or there could be one tribe which is harder to chief (has better loyalty than average),

    or there could be one tribe which can settle faster (can have another settling slot on lvl 15 residence).

    Or there could be tribe that has healers as an unit which goes together with the army and acts as a hero's bandage.

    There is no need to invent anything in gameplay, it is only needed to make tribes which have some traits based on existing gameplay.

    Of course, again the problem is to test it thoroughly so that new tribe doesn't bring some unexpected consequences and imbalance into the actual game.

  • a new tribe would be good, but only when its balanced whit the other 3 tribes. i personnaly thougt as new tribe greeks and byzantijn (Byzantium was the enemy of persia) , persia (was the enemy of greek) (greeks are the enemy of romans)

    just a few ideas

    hope one of them will come in

  • Ok, but, how would you set up that tribe?

    For example, what troops would you add and with what characteristics? (consumption, speed, strength of each unit defending and attacking, etc)

    What building/s specific to the tribe would you do and with what purpose?

    And, more than that, do we really need new tribes, or is there something in specific tribes you would like to change or tweak?

    It may be a case that you see something that you would like and may be it can be done by tweaking the current tribes.

  • I think most people just want more variety, complexity and replay-ability. Those aspects can only be achieved by adding new tribes with new troops and features, leading to new strategies.

    I have been working on a concept regarding a new tribe. I for my part went for a greek theme, did some research, found names/trooptypes for all 10 troops that are mostly historically accurate and represent their historic task with their stats ingame.

    Its not finished yet and I also cant give any really well balanced stats since I dont have the ability and experience to sort out such details. But if you are interested in the concept and some ideas regarding features and implementations and REALLY CONSIDER using this, I can put some more work into it and send you my ideas. Im always happy to help, if finding specific ideas for new tribes is your problem.

    The parts I cannot do for you is programming and detailed balancing but I can give you creative input and first ideas that hopefully head into the right direction.

  • Well, yes, I am very interested on it.

    But promises I cannot give, I do think that the more elaborated the suggestion or petition is, the more weight it will have. So if you are able to do it and send the me details, I will discuss it with the team and, who knows... I know that right now we are not considering adding new tribes, in part for what I said previously... but having something so well thought out as you mention could change someone's opinion easily.

  • Are you genuinely ignoring what is being written here on purpose or were you hired to simply annoy the community so much that we all quit kingdoms and they can focus on legends instead ? ;(:D

    Throughout this thread people have mentioned many different examples of abilities/drawbacks, types of tribes etc.. In addition while it's great to interact with the community and hear their ideas - the development team should have ideas of their own and not just rely on the players to do their bloody job for them. If an entire team of people who have worked on this game for ~10 years wouldn't know how to roughly balance 8 units for a tribe before going into the TEST server to refine details then I don't see why you even have them working for you

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  • for example greeks

    they sit as tribe between roman and teuton

    as defensive units: in baracks

    greek defender (dont have to research them, like palanx and clubswinger in first village) use 1 grain

    in stable

    greek knight ( when stable is 10 and academy 10) use 2 grain

    as attacking units in baracks

    hoplite (train in baracks) use 1 grain

    greek warrior (can be trained in baracks when academy is level 5) use 1 grain

    in stable

    fight cart (when academy is 15 and stable 15) its a attacking wagen like romans had. use 2 grain

    greek scout

    greek spy (train in stable like equitis legati) use 2 grain

    in workshop

    elephant ram (workshop level 1 academy 15) use 3 grain

    stone trower (its a cata) can be trained when workshop is 10 and academy 15 use 3 grain


    they can be trained when residense is 10 use 1 grain

    undergod (can be trained when academy is 20 and residence or palace 10 use 4 grain

    special building

    greek temple you can offer here to ZEUS (more attacking strengt because zeus like you) Can only be builded whit city

    all attacking and defensive points lay between a roman and a teuton

    in strenght they are like a mix of gaul and teuton, in defense they lay like a roman

    its a tribe for a little adavanced players wo wanted to KILL enemys.

  • Yes Tobi but right now their efforts are in other areas.

    If you read my previous messages, I explained that at this moment in time adding a new tribe is not planned.

    But, as I always say, the whole community shapes many times the game in directions that we didn't originally expect.

    So, I cannot say it will never happen. As I said before, the more detail and worked an idea is, the more attention it will receive and... who knows what can happen?

  • here it is

  • here are the other 2 tribes. first persians. under the persians stands the Byzantium tribe


    as tribe they are between greek and roman

    as defensive units in barracks

    persian spearmen (dont have to be reseached in first village) use 1 grain

    as attacking units in barracks

    lancefighter (when baracks are 3 and academy is 5)(use 1 grain)

    swordscarrier (when academy is 5 and baracks are 5) (use 1 grain)

    in stable

    persian horse (when stable is 5 and academy 10) (use 2 grain)

    in workshop

    catapult (when workshop is 1 and academy 15 ) (use 5 grain)

    battle ram (when workshop is 10 and academy 15) (use 3 grain)

    persian war elephant (when workshop is 20 and academy 15) (use 6 grain)

    in residence

    settler (when residence is 10) (use 1 grain)

    persian interpreter (when palace or residence is 10 and academy 20) (use 4 grain)


    persian runner (train in stable) when stable is 5 and academy 5 (use 2 grain)

    special building

    statue of cyrus the great(bonus on defensepoints) only aviable whit city

    they have a attacking strenght like roman, as defense they are like gauls.


    defensive units in barracks

    Byzantium speartrooper (dont have to be researced in first village) (use 1 grain)

    in stable

    varangian guard (when stable is 10 and academy 10) (use 2 grain)

    attacking units in barracks

    Byzantium axemen (when academy is 1 and baracks 5)( use 1 grain)

    Byzantium swordsman (when academy is 5 and barracks 5) (use 1 grain)

    in stable

    cataphrats (heavy calvery) (when stable is 10 and academy 20) (use 3 grain)

    in workshop

    fire trower (when workshop is 10 and academy 15) (use 6 grain)

    ram (when academy is 10 and workshop 1) (use 4 grain)

    in residence

    settler (when residence is 10) (use 1 grain)

    flavius belisarius ( chief) (when academy is 20 and palace is 15 (residence 20)) (use 4 grain)


    Byzantium watchmen (train in stable) (when academy is 5 and stable 5) ( use 2 grain)

    special building

    town festival (give your village more Culturepoints) (little festival when its level 1) (a great festival can be done when its level 10) (only aviable whit city)

    the byzantines lay between Gauls and Teutons.

    there attacking strenght is between teuton and defense they are like roman.

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  • Also, no one is saying that these "new" classes are strong.

    just add more, nobody asks that they be the strongest in the game. simply that you can play more classes, replayability here is important, and whoever leaves the game is because he already played with all the existing classes