• I'm just amazed, what are we discussing now? You're not planning a new tribe ... Okay.

    Let's throw in a couple of ideas that will not be difficult to implement:

    Let's start with the hero: The hero has 4 characteristics, which are fully pumped at level 100 of the hero.

    Let's add a hero after level 150, but an additional siege parameter or an additional one. bonus siege weapons. Pumping heroes will be relevant primarily for kings (after all, they are the ones who build the largest hammers). The rest of the players will also think about pumping a new skill.

    You can also add talents to the hero(every 5,10,25 lvl), for example, recovery from troops or the chance of additional damage, there are a lot of options.

    You can add a talent tree for defense / attack. There are a lot of options. You just need to take the count and test.

    The buildings:

    Add one new building: Temple, which is only built in a village with WW, which casts a blessing on one player and gives a bonus in attack / defense depending on the level of the building once a day (other times are possible)

    This will add a lot of strategies, there will be a real interest in kingdoms to have 2 WW, in one to build a temple (since the time for its construction should be reasonable), and then WW, and in the second WW. Or a small kingdom that does not claim to win will be able to give its buff to other kingdoms (if they have an alliance, for example)

    The temple can also give a general bonus for the whole kingdom, but not as great if you give a buff to one player

    New items:

    I noticed that many big kingdoms like to build big hammers, why not present a helmet for the catapult and ram? Let the player decide if he needs warriors or siege machines! You can also add jewelry: attack / defense rings, necklaces to restore life (Combined with bandages, this will be a very strong strategy and the total recovery can reach 50%.)or summon animals (in a necklace, the hero summons animals once a day and has an increased chance of catching more animals in the oasis)

    Sharpenings (stones) that increase the bonus of items, they should also give a bonus to strengthen the troops, and not only increase the strength of the hero

    You can add several new animals that can attack, but their number should not be large and they can only attack once, for example.


    Enter some new items for avatars, personalized (paid), if the person was top 1-10 in attack / defense / experience. And to make it stand out on international servers.

    Also, I still don't understand why it is impossible to give a coupon / certificate with gold to another player? This will add more power to the kingdoms.

    pour me some more vodka and I’ll come up with so many ideas for 5 of your games.

  • I've heard rumors that heroes become cheaper and quicker to revive for every level above 100. Haven't checked it out myself yet though :)

    You're reading this. Think about it.

  • The following are my ideas for a new greek tribe. Please note that I havent thought through every single stat and mathematically calculated balancing.

    The stats are just some ideas based on real usecases of the units and my own comparison to already existing units in TK.

    Please give me feedback with what you are happy or what you would want to change. Ive put quite some time and research into it, so Im happy about everyone taking a look at it.

    Thanks everybody :)

    First you see an overview of the units. After that I went on and firstly stated some historical facts about the named unit and then tried to implement it into the Travian world. At the end there are some general ideas for tribe specific building and features.

    Ive also put in some exemplary pictures with sources, if thats not allowed, please write me and Ill edit this and remove them.

    Also please remember that the stats are just a rough idea and Im happy for everybodys feedback on all of this.


    troop ideas:

    1. Gymnetes (light armor "naked" ranged fighters)

    2. Hoplites (bulk of army, trained citizens)

    3. Polemarch (commander of an army with heavy armor)

    4. Prodromoi (light cavalry used as scouts)

    5. Tarantines (greek mercenary cavalry used as flexible flank defense)

    6. Hippeis (high ranking citizens, guards and specially trained)

    7. ram

    8. catapult

    9. Ephor (5 elected councilmen)

    10. Settler


    -translates to "naked"

    -warriors with none or light armor

    -very low social class

    -positioned and used as ranged fighters

    -used javelins, bows, slingshots or even throwing rocks

    exemplary pictures: Mit Lightshot geschossen


    Travian implementation:

    small symbol: slingshot

    training cost: low, focused on clay and wood

    (- rough idea: 70 wood; 65 clay; 25 iron)

    training time: ca. 10min

    stats: low atk dmg; very low defense vs infantry; very very low defense vs cavalry

    (- rough idea: 30 atk; 15 inf. def; 5 cav. def)

    food: 1 crop/h

    speed: 7

    Carrying capacity: 40

    unlocking: instantly unlocked with baracks 1, no research needed


    -standard citizen-soldiers armed with spears, small sword and rounded shields

    -mostly normal citizens paying for their own equipment

    -quite well trained, the largest part of armies

    -the most common troop and bulk of most greek armies

    -fighting fast and short battles, mostly relying on their shields

    -phalanx formation

    exemplary pictures: Mit Lightshot geschossen; Mit Lightshot geschossen


    Travian implementation:

    small symbol: Round shield

    training cost: medium and focused on clay and wood

    (- rough idea: 110 wood; 135 clay; 70 iron)

    training time: around 25min

    stats: good defense, basic atk (hoplites were trained citizens, main body of army)

    (- rough idea: 50 atk; 60 inf. def; 45 cav. def)

    food: 1 crop/h

    speed: 6

    Carrying capacity: 45

    unlocking: Academy 3; smithy 1


    -warlord in ancient greece

    -commander of the military

    -senior fighter with a lot of experience and achievements

    exemplary pictures: Mit Lightshot geschossen; Mit Lightshot geschossen


    Travian implementation:

    small symbol: fabulous helmet

    training cost: high and focused on iron

    (- rough idea: 100 wood; 85 clay; 135 iron)

    training time: around 30min

    stats: offensive troop

    (- rough idea: 70 atk; 30 inf. def; 20 cav. def)

    food: 1 crop/h

    speed: 6 or 7

    carrying capacity: 55

    unlocking: Academy 3; smithy 3


    -light cavalry

    -roaming and scouting the area

    -useful to find best tactical spot for hoplites phalanx

    Travian implementation:

    -idk just make them similar to gaul scout/roman scout

    Tarantine cavalry

    -fast & light greek cavalry

    -good with slow phalanx, guarding their flanks against fast cavalry

    exemplary pictues: Mit Lightshot geschossen


    Travian implementation:

    small symbol: (another horsehead)

    training cost: medium/low for cavalry

    (- rough idea: 260 wood; 300 clay; 175 iron)

    training time: 35-40min

    stats: good vs. cavalry

    (- rough idea: 50 atk; 50 inf. def; 100 cav. def)

    food: 2 crop/h (maybe special troop idea: only 1 crop/h because they were often mercenaries meaning you didnt have to feed them constantly)

    speed: 17

    carrying capacity: 60

    unlocking: Academy 5; stable 5


    -specially trained high ranking greek citizens

    -used as personal guards

    -evolved into great cavalry unit

    (sadly no good pictures found, instead a description from wikipedia:

    "The utility of the Greek citizen-cavalry was low on account of their heavy armour,

    their metal helmet, and their coat of mail, their metal-fringed kilts,

    their cuisses reaching to the knee and their leather leggings. They did not take shields into battle.

    As offensive weapons, they had a straight two-edged sword and a spear, used either as a lance or thrown as a javelin.")


    Travian implementation:

    small symbol: (another horsehead)

    training cost: high

    (- rough idea: 320 wood; 350 clay; 450 iron)

    training time: around 55min

    stats: strong attack & strong vs infantry

    (- rough idea: 160 atk; 125 inf. def; 75 cav. def)

    food: 3 crop/h

    speed: 14

    carrying capacity: 80

    unlocking: Academy 15; stable 10


    - not too many ideas.. maybe 55 atk (between gaul and roman)


    - between gauls and teutons.. maybe 65 atk


    -one of five councilmen

    -devoted to the will of the citizens

    -chief (ephor) stronger because people of enemy villages love the idea of democracy


    - just settlers

    general tribe idea:

    -special building: council -> activate council meeting like a feast -> higher defense (like teuton brewery but for defense)

    -alternative special building: school/university of some sort -> reduces time of building, upgrades in smithy and exploration in academy

    -Can be built fairly early in game - needed: residence 10; rally point 5

    -great speekers who impressed the citizens and motivated them to defend their home

    -greeks known for impressive architecture & democracy

    -greeks had smart "scientist"

    specific tribe features: (just ideas, not all implemented at once)

    -every village automatically 150% loyalty because of democracy

    -chief (ephor) stronger because people of enemy villages love the idea of democracy

    -great architects -> expansionslot at lv15 residence

    I know it was a lot, congrats if you made it till here ; )

  • just one thing about perisan tribe, please dont use alexander the great as he was greek and had war with persia, use the name Cyrus The Great,

    i just said this cause i saw someone mentioned his statue for persian tribe and persia were in war with alexander so :)

    i can give more names too if its needed at any time :)) or even give better names for troops (like more real)

  • leeuwio#NL thank you very much, I love it.

    Could I ask you to add the strength you would add to each of the troops? Consumption, How much they would carry, etc. It is great!

    SchliZzCola#DE WOW!!! I love how you have even given a story to each troop, special buildings and tribe differentiation it is just great! It worries me that it may be too OP with all those things... 3 settling per village, 150% loyalty, better chiefs... I understand the idea of democracy and it would be logical, but with all that, who would play with any other tribe? May be we would have to turn that down a bit.

    Thank you very much!

    Anyone else have anything to add to any of the propositions?

  • Unknown I will write here my idea for 2 tribes that I think you guys should consider and I think it is super important that travian kingdoms get at least one more new tribe, you have plenty of test server to make before implementing it in the real gameplay. I will not provide the pictures I leave that to your imagination but I will describe the look of the troops.


    Introduction: Vikings are super unique in every way from all other tribes, they are known in history as brutal and fiercy warriors that suprise enemies with their fast and undetected raids.

    Hero: All troops with hero move 25% faster in raid type of attack
    Unique Viking strength: Their rams&catas move 1 field faster and their attack work in raid mode. This means that vikings can destroy walls and buildings with their units even in raid mode.
    Unique Viking building: Shipyard: Increase speed to all units in raid, attack or siege mode to all targets in radius of 10 or 15 or 20 squares, depends how you want to balance it ( basically have the opposite effect than the training grounds ) 1% speed per level max at 20%.

    Barrack units:

    Raider: Simple warrior with small axe and shield, both good for raiding and defending against infantry. This is Vikings basic unit

    Attack: 30
    Inf def: 30
    Cav def: 10
    Speed: 6
    Carry res: 45
    Crop comsuption: 1

    Wood: 65
    Clay: 80
    Iron: 45
    Train time: 13:30

    Shieldmaiden: Female warrior train in defending her kin and people, carry long sword and huge shield, only good for def and slow speed.

    Attack: 20
    Inf def: 70
    Cav def: 40
    Speed: 5
    Carry res: 10
    Crop comsuption: 1

    Wood: 150
    Clay: 80
    Iron: 100
    Train time: 17:30

    Berserker: WIld and crazy warrior without body armor covered in rune tattos. Carry two axes and big bracers. Expensive and good only for attacking and raiding.

    Attack: 75
    Inf def: 25
    Cav def: 15
    Speed: 6
    Carry res: 50
    Crop comsuption: 1

    Wood: 75
    Clay: 55
    Iron: 145
    Train time: 21:00

    Stable units:

    Spotter: Nothing special just a regular horse scout unit.

    Attack: 0
    Inf def: 20
    Cav def: 10
    Speed 16
    Carry res: 0
    Crop comsuption: 2

    Wood: 80
    Clay: 70
    Iron: 120
    Train time: 22:50

    Hunter: Fast and devastating unit that can carry a lot of resources. Have bow and arrow to shoot from and spear to throw, use imagination xD

    Attack: 100
    Inf def: 45
    Cav def: 20
    Speed: 15
    Carry res: 60
    Crop comsuption: 2

    Wood: 370
    Clay: 270
    Iron: 150
    Train time: 39:00

    Hofgothi: Defensive slow but strong unit that is also good for raiding. Just google some pictures of viking pagen priests in the past and you got the idea how they should look.

    Attack: 70
    Inf def: 140
    Cav def: 150
    Speed: 9
    Carry res: 80
    Crop comsuption: 3

    Wood: 375
    Clay: 700
    Iron: 300
    Train time: 48:55

    Siege units:


    Attack: 70
    Inf def: 70
    Cav def: 35
    Speed: 5
    Carry res: 0
    Crop comsuption: 3

    Wood: 475
    Clay: 535
    Iron: 170
    Train time: 01:20:00


    Attack: 55
    Inf def: 20
    Cav def: 55
    Speed: 4
    Carry res: 0
    Crop comsuption: 6

    Wood: 860
    Clay: 720
    Iron: 440
    Train time: 02:20:25

    The numbers are not static you could tinker around change it how you want it and also the unique bonuses and buildings you could change edit do whatever you want. I will soon make part 2 with Slavic tribe and will let you know I need some time to think about it. Tell me how you like it xD

  • I don't like the idea of "adding tribes for the sake of adding tribes" they should in my opinion REALLY bring new dimensions in to the game.

    Currently all tribes are more or less "well rounded" and CAN do everything quite effectively, what we (or atleast I do) miss is true specialist tribes. Maybe a tribe that has clearly the strongest inf in the game but whose cavalry is irrelevant (or even non existing) and vice versa. Maybe have a tribe what with you CAN'T play off or deff. I know this would make the tribe choice way more decisive than it is now but isn't that just a good thing? I also like the idea of faster settling tribes and so on but in somewhere they also would have to "pay the price" weaker or way more expensive units etc.

    E: This naturally would need a will to move the game to this direction and multiple tests to balance it out.
    E2: Typos

    E3: Now that we are at it this doesn't necessarily mean you would have to add more tribes, you could have research paths that would block each other to move your base tribe to the track you would want. Imo these should be unreversable choices and should affect your all villages. This however is quite a fundamental change to the game but would surely add a lot more depth to it.

  • Are you aware that Legends recently tried victory point system in special servers, very much similar to Kingdoms? (Instead of treasures producing VP, population of villages in certain areas produce VP.) Surely if they wanted to fully differentiate the games and take different directions, they wouldn't do that. Or maybe they are aware that 2 games already have distinct player bases.Trying some new win conditions for some special servers will not change that.

    Travian Kingdoms players likely won't return to Legends beacuse of graphics and interface. While Legends players don't like to learn complicated stuff in Kingdoms and find it too different than what they know as the original Travian.

    Similarly, getting the 2 new tribe stats from the Legends wouldn't change that either. 3 tribes already share the same stats, I cannot imagine you are not allowed to use them for the new tribes?(As far as I am aware Legends and Kingdoms still belong to the same company)

    I do not believe creating different tribes from scratch is feasible at this point since Kingdoms playerbase is so small. Kingdoms team wont bother creating new ideas, designs and spend time on balancing the new tribes. It would be so much easier to bring Egyptians and Huns though...

    Libasinho / Glorfindel / Twinblade

    Member of ZLF & BM

  • I like kickes your troops the direction you want during the game.

    Nobody is ever 100% clear of what the next gameworld is going to look like,

    everybody is just conforming to the map and giving players the versatility to tweak their strategy depending on the needs of the kingdoms and the self.

    There are basically no offensive infantry that has more cav def than inf besides legios..a robuster version of that would be nice..

    If each tribe basic unit(club,legio or fala) could choose to move around even 5pts of the damage and cavalry 10pts if smithy is fully developed, then that could give some spice to the gaming experience

    //-_-/ -_-/ -_-/- - (:?l) - -/-_- /-_- /-_-//

    :/wether to game or to get gamed;)

    :)There lies the question:S

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  • And merging tribes could be nice what I wrote about in the other topic "Merging troops"

    And in that case mixing also different player accounts in same village.

    And a special type of village the "Keep", where 3 different tribe players can settle and build together...when in that village could be the option of different tribes teaching each other, then the effect of tinkering on unit damages could be achieved with some sensible storyline to the gameworld evolution.

    //-_-/ -_-/ -_-/- - (:?l) - -/-_- /-_- /-_-//

    :/wether to game or to get gamed;)

    :)There lies the question:S

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  • I see many wonderful ideas over there! Are you suggesting adding a skill tree for each tribe? That would be great! like each unit type of each tribe has different base stats and you get points to upgrade them in a different direction this will make the game more versatile but may pose a balance issue (tweak work?)?

    But to be frank I think the developers may not implement any feature suggested by the community as this game has a dwindling player base. This game is a business and needs money to run it.

    To the developers, popularize the game is the first step before making this game more interseting .hope it can better !