Travian Offline

  • I've been playing travian for a short time and even though the game seems entertaining to me, I think the game would win a lot with an offline version, or for me to understand better, like stellaris or civilization, in which you can add story modes or campaigns or a Sand box mode like that of stellaris, where the AI would create kingdoms or empires with different levels of forces, I do not know the story mode for the Romans could be to conquer the Gauls and the Germans and for the other races it could be to unite small tribes to face to the Romans, it is not a very conceived idea but I think it is worth thinking about it, even the dynamics of the game could be similar and you could put the option of a local server to play with your friends as endless space, stellaris and others have. 4x games, in this way gold purchases of gold would not be a problem, since it would be generated with trade. I repeat is an idea. What do you think?


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  • Well... I am not sure that type of game play fits with Kingdoms, since Kingdoms is a multiplayer game... the best thing in Kingdoms is not the game itself (it as well is) but the best thing is the community and how you need to interact with it to achieve your goals.

    The funniest thing in Travian is doing rounds, or defending against them, with the rest of your Kingdom, so not having that in the type of game you mention would really be a bit pointless.

    But, anything is possible... anyone thinks it is a good idea?

    How would you implement it?