Forum Rules & FAQ

  • These forum rules apply to all areas of this forum, including all functions and content.

    1. Account

    • It is forbidden to own more than one account.
    • If a user creates a new account in order to evade a punishment, it will be immediately deleted or permanently banned. In such a case, it is up to the discretion of the moderators to punish the user again, or to extend the existing punishment.
    • It is forbidden to create accounts that bear a striking resemblance to moderators, multihunters or administrators. This includes the name, the signature and the avatar.

    2. Moderation

    • It is ONLY the job of the moderators to attend to the order of the forum (deputies are not welcome).
    • The primary task of the moderators is to enforce the forum rules and to ensure a respectful interaction amongst the users. If a violation of the forum rules occurs, the discretion lies with the respective moderators. Moderators work voluntarily and are therefore not present 24 hours a day.
    • Moderators are not obliged to respond to questions. This takes place on a purely voluntary basis.
    • Questions regarding bans should be sent in the first instance to the respective moderator by private message. Should you have reason to suspect abuse of the moderator powers, you may contact Unknown

    3. Warnings / Bans

    • Users who violate the forum rules will be reproved, and warned after repeat offences. For particularly serious violations, warnings will be given immediately by administrators and moderators (as the case may be).
    • The following infraction system will apply for violations of the forum rules:
    • 1 effectual infraction point = 24 hour ban on reading and writing posts
    • 3 effectual infraction points = 7 day ban on reading and writing
    • 5 effectual infraction points = 1 month ban on reading and writing
    • Should a user be unresponsive, unmanageable for the forum and its users or if their offence is so serious, they will have to accept a permanent ban. Furthermore, in such cases a penalty or even deletion could also follow within the game.

    4. Netiquette

    • Insults, harassment, vilification or any other questionable comments about other players in any form and in any place within the forum will not be tolerated and will be dealt with.
    • The writing of posts and messages in languages other than English is not permitted.On the whole forum, we don't permit links to the following:
    • pornographic content
    • other browser games
    • advertisements
    • various "don't click" pages
    • Spam is forbidden across the whole forum. Among others, spam is considered as:
    • offensive material, including but not limited to*extremist political opinions of any kind
    • answers in the ideas section without any reasoning.
    • repeated answers (with regards to content or expression) at some time later.
    • the answering of old topics, without the inclusion of new facts being given.
    • posts that have nothing to do with the topic
    • posts that consist purely, or for the most part, of smileys
    • answers to topics that clearly violate the forum rules.
    • the renewed creation of an already closed or deleted thread.
    • Blackmail is forbidden.
    • Advertisement of any kind is not permitted.
    • The publishing of private messages, IGMs, Admin/Support messages, emails and chat-logs from the game or the forum, without the permission of both respective parties, is not permitted.
    • Ingame bans are not to be discussed in the forum. Support is to be contacted for that. Threads which discuss such matters will be deleted.
    • It is forbidden to force or request a player to share their password or to break the rules.
    • The imitation of official institutions in the game or the forum, as well as the use of unethical or politically incorrect names, is forbidden and will be penalized with immediate deletion in the forum or the game.
    • Posts may only be written in one forum area. Exceptions are those from supporters or moderators, which will be shown in all forum areas in the first position. So-called 'cross-postings', threads of the same topic in several different sub-forums, are not permitted. Threads which have been posted in several forum areas will be deleted (with just one then remaining).
    • Interest groups and profile messages that violate the netiquette are not permitted and will be deleted, their owners will also be punished.
    • The founding and the administration of one or several pointless interest groups is not permitted
    • The use of images that violate copyright laws, personal rights or other rights of third parties are prohibited.

    5. Organisational

    • By using this forum, I accept its rules.
    • The forum is administrated and moderated by supporters of Travian: Kingdoms. The forum is available to every participant / user for the exchange of opinions. This excludes players who have been prohibited from using this forum by the administrators (permanent ban, total ban). By registering, each user agrees to these forum rules and pledges to adhere to them.
    • The staff reserve the right to delete particular posts and messages without providing a reason for it.
    • The Travian: Kingdoms team reserves the right to change the forum rules at any time.
    • If any particular paragraph of these forum rules becomes invalid, only the validity of the respective paragraph is effected and not the whole set of rules. Invalid paragraphs will be corrected by the administrators as soon as possible.
  • Forums FAQ

    Q: How can I search for information/posts/threads?
    A: You can use the search box located in the middle of your screen
    or click the ‘More options’ button to open the advanced search window:


    Q: Someone sent me a message, how can I find it?
    A: Click on your forum name then select messages in the dropdown menu

    Q: How can I hide the foreign language forums?
    A: Click on the ‘Forum On/Off’ button then unmark the corresponding boxes. Please note that you have to unmark all of them.


    Q: How can I find the new posts and the ones I didn’t read yet?
    A: You can use the ‘Unread posts’ button right below your forum name


    Q: How can I find my friend’s forum account?
    A: Open your own profile and click the ‘Search members’ button there

    Then fill in the details in the next window

    Q: How can I send someone a message?
    A: Either open their profile and use the ‘new conversation’ button

    or go to conversations, start a new conversation and add them as participants(you can add more than 1 user to have a group conversation)


    Q: I replied to a post and now I’m subscribed to it, how do I unsubscribe?
    A: Go to the post then click ‘Manage subscription’ and select ‘Do not watch’



    Q: How can I edit my forum signature?
    A: Click on your forum name then go to the signature settings tab