limited treasuries

  • that each kingdom has a maximum of treasuries.

    It has already happened that a single kingdom has half the map for it, or that a single kingdom is too far from the others.

    Limiting 10 treasuries per kingdom (union included).

    the game would be more entertaining since there would be more kingdoms, and not only one kingdom took 4 wonders.

    Currently in kingdoms you, you enter, look at the kingdoms, join and win the server. It doesn't make much sense for a single kingdom to take 4 wonders or have 70% of the players.

    another suggestion for kingdoms, like all the others : D

  • They take multiple wonders because the multiplier stacks.. but there are no limits on players and in local servers you can have 3 big kingdoms fighting for 7 wonders. People dont want to play in a small team knowing they can't place top 3. Solution: Player limit no more giant kingdoms, create more competition and diplomacy

  • Very good question Tiitana, it is interesting to know what you feel about that.

    What would be the correct number? How would it be implemented?

    It is not an easy thing to decide, because you always want to make sure the end result isn't worst for the players.

    But limiting the amount of treasuries... I don't know... it could work... what does everyone else feel about it?